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House Cleaning Services in Rancho Cucamonga

house cleaning services rancho cucamonga

House Cleaning Services in Rancho Cucamonga

Some of the greatest stories ever told happen to be about the long and unwavering journeys to make it back home. Perhaps the strongest, and most long lasting tale of them all happens to be Homer’s Odyssey.

This daring epic tracks the decade-long path that war hero, Odysseus, has to make in order to return home to his family and kingdom. Along the way, he encounters horrific monsters, a man-eating Cyclops, and tempting sea witches. As one could imagine, a nice relaxing welcome home is all that Odysseus really wants as he hoists his ship ashore from his burdened trek, but to his dismay, his home is just as much of a mess as his chaotic trip back.

Sometimes, we all feel like this war hero. We strive and toil at work all day long, but when we return home, there is even more to clean up to take care of. A home should be a place of solitude, love, and happiness, and not another chore on your list of things to tend to. Therefore, let us at My Cleaning Lady handle your to-do list and make your home fit for the return of the King and Queen.

Our Legacy and Commitment

We understand how important your home is to you, which is why we take the extra time and care to make every nook and cranny sparkle. Not to mention, we do the screening process for you and only hire housekeepers that can handle the job and any mess. Therefore, you are guaranteed the best cleaning service from friendly staff every time at an affordable price.

Our founder and current owner, Steve Shwetz, began this service after becoming disappointed with the strenuous process of self-screening housekeepers who would only mediocrely do the tasks list in the end. He therefore, started his own cleaning services with one goal in mind, to provide an honest house cleaning service that will aid his community with the best and friendliest employees around, and we still stick to this motto today.

Our Location

Because of our loyalty and commitment to our customers, who we consider friends and family, our humble business has expanded exponentially. One of our favorite and new areas that we cater to is the city of Rancho Cucamonga, a quaint suburb in the heart of the San Bernardino County.


Rancho Cucamonga had its very early beginnings thousands of years ago, but despite the city’s longevity, its still draws close to its ancestral morals and founding. Around 1200 AD, a Native American tribe established a small village around a land mass currently known as Red Hill. The indigenous natives called themselves the Kucamongan people (sound like Cucamonga?) and their heritage and culture spread immensely to the point where they were perhaps the largest concentration of Native American in the North American continent.

Much later, in the late 1700s, Spain entered the timeline and began establishing religious missions along the Californian coast to colonize the state and also began to loosely construct a social system of “ranchos”, such as cattle and orchards for their source of income and way of life. The combination of the Native American Tribe alongside the social system is where the current city Rancho Cucamonga gets its famous name. It nods to the hard work and discipline that both the Spaniards and indigenous people practiced in order to provide for their families and preserve their cultural customs.

By 1846, American forces entered California and annexed the land so it may become a state within the United States. Since every branch of people was very proud of their heritage, a large mixture of cultures and lives were well represented within California throughout the 1900s. Diversity and the importance of historical but equal ancestral history is still a prominent factor within Southern California and remains a major quality that attract many from afar.

Fun Things to Do

Since Southern California is famous for both its range in diversity and its stagnant, sunny whether, there is always a multitude of fun activities and events to partake in year round.

One of our favorites is to browse around Victoria Gardens, the most beautiful outdoor shopping mall and downtown center you will ever come across. Though the center does have a strong “mall” feeling because of its multitude of major department stores and expanse of parking lots, the overall feel of this market tends to be more of a “town square” because of its more intimate venues, lush landscapes, and one-of-a-kind restaurants. Not to mention, the town’s cultural center, which shows a variety of plays and concerts throughout the year, alongside a movie theater and Public Library are within the vicinity.

A short drive away is the Terra Vista Farmer’s Market where local shops and craftsmen sell their homegrown produce and handmade goods. Resident artists come to showcase their masterpieces and even paint and perform on the spot during the hours of the market, so you can watch the amazing transformation of canvas to landscape live. Not to mention, most of the produce sold here is organic, which means that every food items bought and sold is guaranteed to be the healthiest, most fresh, and supremely scrumptious around!

house cleaning services rancho cucamonga

For more grown-up entertainment, stop by the Joseph Filippi Wineryto taste and tour one of the most extravagant wineries in Southern California. This award-winning venue has received countless honors, including the gold medal in the Mead’s New World International Wine Competition, and is open to the public to sample some of its classic and famous wines. After a tour, head down the road and check out the Ontario Improv Club and restaurant where you can enjoy an evening out attending a high-end dinner with side-splitting laughter. Well-known “on the spot” actors and famous stand-up comedians have strut their stuff across this stage including Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, and Bob Saget. You’ll be in for a night of rip-roaring fun and out of this world entertainment.

For those who enjoy sports, take a trip down to LoanMart Field where the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes play. The Quakes are the minor-league affiliation with the Los Angeles Dodgers and know how to put on a good show fit for the whole family! Even if you are not partial to sports, the stadium puts on a firework display every Saturday night for all of its local fans. For a more relaxing, gentleman’s sport, take a day trip down to Empire Lakes Golf Course and play a few rounds with some friends and colleagues.

Our Services

With so many things to do, and so many amazing people to enjoy it with, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would ever want to return to work after a fun-filled weekend in Rancho Cucamonga. However, we at My Cleaning Lady are always excited and ready to attend to our housekeeping duties thanks to our loving customers and loyal support. We understand how important a well-kept and clean home is to you, which is why we strive to fulfill all of your home maintenance needs, whether that is a weekly uptake or an emergency after party detoxification. You have a right to return home to a clean and well-groomed sanctuary, so put up your feet and let us take care of you. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Services
  • One-Time Cleanings
  • Spring Cleanings
  • Move-in / Move-out Cleanings
  • Holiday Event or Special Occasion Clean-ups
  • Reoccurring or Scheduled Cleanings

Wink, Wink… when you call to book a housecleaning and mention that you saw our offer online, we will thank you by giving you $20 off your first housecleaning service!

Connect With Us

Let your home be a place of solitude and blissful comfort, and not another list of stressful chores to fulfill. Let us handle the mess! If you are looking for any cleaning service, from the minuscule to the massive, let us know at My Cleaning Lady. Whether it’s a one time deal after the in-laws visit this Christmas, or a weekly cleanup after the girl scout meeting, book your appointments with us and save $20 off your first housekeeping service. To book an appointment or to receive a free quote, connect with us on our online contact page or send us an email at For a friendly voice and fast response, give us a call at (909) 829-5882. We look forward to meeting with you!

"I love My Cleaning Lady, they are the only cleaning service I will use! I've been a customer for many years, their cleaners are punctual professional courteous and fast. I trust them with my biggest investment, my home."

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