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House Cleaning Services in Ontario, CA

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (1882, to be exact), there existed a place known as the “Model Colony.” It was called such a promising name because of its inventive irrigation and transportation practices that allowed for an agricultural economy to thrive. Constructed as a model of a perfectly functioning little society set up by an idealistic engineer and his brother, this dream-turned-reality really did become an archetype for other towns, setting high standards for rural communities for years to come.

As you might have guessed, this Model Colony is none other than Ontario, California. The agricultural economy has boomed, and Ontario, to this date, houses over 57,000 farms that grow anything from citrus to grapes for wine. Ontario began as a city of innovation and change, and a step ahead of all the rest to ensuring a bright, productive livelihood for all of its inhabitants— a legacy in which we at My Cleaning Lady are proud to take part.

Our Legacy and Commitment

When we think of Ontario, we picture sites of growth, change, and innovation; all of these words are much more than catchphrases for the people who live here. It is a site that changes upon every blink. How could we not be excited to service such a unique place, an area that is defined simultaneously by its rich history and its constant drive towards the new?

We promise to contribute to the growing prosperity of Ontario, and we are excited to add our services to such an ever-changing and dynamic environment. At My Cleaning Lady, we see are inspired by the city’s dual vision of growth and historical ties, which is why we are one of the most trusted house cleaning services in Ontario today.

Our Location

Though Ontario is defined by its continuous changes, it manages to keep a firm grip on its history, reminding its inhabitant how far they have come even from the Model Colony.

To prove how prosperous the resources were in the original settlement, the two brothers (George and William Chaffey) decided to place a fountain in the midst of city interchange to show off the abundance of the water supply in such a hot and arid environment. If you wish to see this symbol of prosperity today, you can find it at its new location outside of the Ontario Museum of History and Art, where it has been restored. And unlike the first one, it doesn’t turn off once the visitors leave!

The museum is a great place to go if you’re looking to explore the rich and unique history of Ontario, from an era when Native Americans dominated the land to the present day. The museum also features another permanent collection, titled “Road Ways,” which explores the American obsession with the idea of “the open road”. The museum is a must-go, whether you are a new visitor to Ontario or a permanent resident.

Of course, you can’t miss the mule car! Another tradition rooted in this city’s history, the mule car was the grandfather of modern public transportation. A car powered by a winning combination of mules and gravity, the cart would ride up the 1000-foot rise along Euclid Avenue, and then the mules would be hitched to the back to be carried down the hill propelled by nothing other than gravity. In the old days, this method was abandoned once electric cars made their début, but you can thankfully revisit this method of transportation along Euclid Avenue.

Image from page 265 of "The street railway review" (1891)If you should happen to crave a more modern pastime, you can take a stroll around Ontario Mills Mall, the largest, single-level shopping mall west of the Mississippi River. If you are looking for some more competitive entertainment, check the schedule for the Auto Club Speedway, which hosts world-renowned NASCAR Events. Also, remember to check the schedule for the Citizens Business Bank Arena, which hosts a variety of exciting sports and music events.

There are so many things to see and do in Ontario, especially if you are eager to immerse yourself in the city’s rich history. You will personally witness how the city strikes a delicate balance between its successful past and its promising future.

Our Services

My Cleaning Lady is so happy to be able to have our house cleaning services in Ontario and to contribute to the city’s upward growth. Nothing would please us more than to have you enjoy all the exciting pastimes that Ontario has to offer without being burdened with your housework! We offer many services for a variety of set-ups and situations, and we are happy to work with you however we can.

My Cleaning Lady offers many house cleaning services in Ontario, such as:

  • Spring cleanings
  • Move-in/move-out cleanings
  • Emergency cleanings
  • Holiday and party event cleanings
  • Recurring/scheduled cleanings

And much more!

Whether you are looking for a one-time gig, or to see us on a weekly or monthly reoccurring schedule, we are able to work with your specific needs to best serve you.

Connect With Us

We want you to enjoy your life in Ontario, and that’s why we do all the work. All you have to do is connect with us, and we will send over excellent, screened housekeepers to show up on time and do a fantastic home service for you. Our founder, Steve Shwetz, originated My Cleaning Lady after being disappointed time and time again by mediocre house cleaning work, which is why we promise to change the game and give you a satisfaction guaranteed service every time. Make sure to book an appointment or receive a free quote from us, and if you mention that you saw our offer on this site, we will honor you with some discounted services.

"I love My Cleaning Lady, I have used them for over 14 yrs (even before they became My Cleaning Lady). They are prompt, polite, and courteous.  They don't mind do the things that I don't like to do with my schedule.  They even will suggest things to do, like cleaning my Curio Cabinet (I just remove everything myself).  I would not hesitate recommending them anyone! I even have my oldest son using it at his home and recently I have them go to my other son's rental (college)!"

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