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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you bonded?

Yes, we are required to maintain a bond with the State of California to insure our referrals get paid in the event we skip out of town (not likely since all of us in the office have lived here our entire lives!)

What if something goes missing in my home?

My Cleaning Lady is committed to maintaining the highest level of trust in integrity in the service we provide. If you ever suspect that something has been taken from your home, please contact us immediately and we will work with you in the process of filing a police reportand assist in investigating any claims. In the event of a conviction for theft caused by a My Cleaning Referral, we will pay up to $3,000 in compensation for the loss.

Are you insured?

My Cleaning Lady is a referral agency and we meet or exceed all the insurance requirements we have under State and Federal law. Because we are not a employee based company, and the service providers are not employees of our company, we do not provide workers compensation for service providers. All homeowner’s policies have a domestic worker rider included with every policy written in California. Should your gardener, handyman or housecleaner get injured in your home AND sue you, your homeowner’s policy would most likely cover the injury and defend the claim. Please verify the preceding statement with your insurance agent.

Are you licensed?

Yes, but not in the way you are probably asking the question. Most people ask this question in the context of a construction contractor’s license. We have a business license like all businesses in California should have but currently there is no licensing board that regulates the residential cleaning industry like the construction industry. If any maid service or referral agency says they are “licensed” it provides the consumer with no additional security or recourse should something go wrong in the relationship. We think you should be very wary of any company servicing the residential cleaning industry that touts the fact that they are “licensed”.

How are you different from an employee-based maid service?

We offer our clients greater control and flexibility in having their home cleaned. Most employee based companies have a set number of people that will clean your home and make no guarantee that the same person or persons will clean your home on a recurring basis. My Cleaning Lady is different in that you decide how many people you want to clean your home. Also, once you have a cleaner or team you are happy with, they become your regular cleaners. We will not send someone else into your home unless you first approve the change. This gives your service provider the opportunity to get to know you and your home. We think this makes for a more personalized and secure service.

"I love My Cleaning Lady, they are the only cleaning service I will use! I've been a customer for many years, their cleaners are punctual professional courteous and fast. I trust them with my biggest investment, my home."

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