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Category archives for Vacuums

10 Spring Cleaning Ideas

Martha Stewart’s book, Homekeeping Handbook, includes a free printable checklist for the annual house cleaning ritual that most Americans observe as soon as buds start to appear and birds begin to sing. Although she recognizes that pleasure typically comes only after the work is finished, she challenges readers to improve the process by making the…

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The Ugly Facts about Dust Mites

How to eliminate them from your home Microscopic insects referred to by entomologists as “skin-eaters,” Dust Mites are common residents on floors and surfaces in homes of every kind. They live where human beings reside, when the humidity is optimal for their life cycle. Dust mites are known for causing allergies, hay fever, eczema, and asthma…

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How To Hoover–Vacuuming the Right Way

Vacuuming is like any task. If it’s done the wrong way, you won’t get quality results. If you follow the following expert tips about how to properly vacuum as well as the way to select the perfect machine, the floors in your home will be the cleanest floors in town. Your vacuum is more versatile…

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