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last minute diy easter treats for kids

Last Minute DIY Easter Treats for Kids

Celebrating Easter should be important and it should be fun, but that does not mean that it has to be stressful or expensive in addition. Whether your Easter celebrations are centered on the reason for the season or even if you’re all just focused on holiday fun, “Do It Yourself” projects are always a good…

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why you should put your apartment up on airbnb

Reasons Why You Should Put Your Apartment Up on Airbnb

When your toes are dug in the sand while on a well-deserved vacation, do you ever wonder about your lonely apartment? While you are away, your dwelling is collecting dust, is available for break-ins, and is racking up utility expenses Why not let another use your home while you are away so that delightful break from…

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thanksgiving cleaning

Keeping a Squeaky Clean Home Before, During & After Your Thanksgiving Feast

The picture perfect scene of the Thanksgiving Family dinner looks something along the lines of ten to twelve smiling faces, mounds of food cascading over the mahogany dining table, and a warm ambiance glowing in the background to reflect the love and good memories being shared. It’s a beautiful picture, yes, but it’s sad to…

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4 Easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween Decorations

You planned on having a mellow Halloween this year. You had every intention of lounging in sweatpants, munching on popcorn, and streaming scary movies on Netflix, reluctantly hitting pause to hand out candy to eager trick-or-treaters banging on your door. But then that nagging voice in your head got to you. You’re not sure, maybe…

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Mom Hacks: Rock Out this School Year

There is a song for nearly any occasion. Really, any occasion. You know you've found that one jam that makes you scream out, “My Gosh! This was made for ME!” No matter the circumstances, a single one-word reminder can leave you belching out the entire Endless Summer album by the Beach Boys. Nonetheless, the “U.S.A.”…

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benefits of keeping a clean home

Benefits of Keeping A Clean Home

Some people may wonder what the actual tangible benefits of being a clean person may be. And we get it. It can be tempting to have the mindset of “what’s the point? It’s just going to get dirty again anyway. Seems like a waste of time to me.” Well, we’re here to tell you that…

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become a cleaner person

6 Easy Ways to Become a Cleaner Person

We are three months into the New Year and my guess is that you’re barely hanging on to those New Year’s Resolutions, if you’re even hanging on at all. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be January 1st for you to make a positive lifestyle change. That can happen at any time…

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tidying up around the home

How to Tidy Up Your Home in Ten Minutes

You get that phone call “Hey, I’m in your neighborhood and…” you already start to panic. Your house is a mess and your close friend that you haven’t seen in a while wants to stop by. She’s a notorious clean freak and would totally judge you if your house was a mess. We understand you…

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5 Times Monica Geller Proves That She Should Work For A Cleaning Maid Service

Monica Geller would be the world’s best housekeeper. She’s clean, she’s organized, and quite frankly…she’s a little crazy. But crazy or not, we all have a lot to learn from Monica when it comes to doing an excellent cleaning job. Here are a few times Monica had something to teach us about what a cleaning…

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Pomona CA

11 Housecleaning Chores You Should Leave to the Professionals

Although you might not splurge on a weekly or even biweekly housecleaning service, chances are, at some point in time, you have hired someone to handle certain household chores simply because you can’t do everything yourself and still stay sane. After all—some of the items on your “Honey Do” list are complicated and/or messy. In…

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