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type a personality

3 Random Places Every ‘Type A’ Personality Loves More Than Disneyland

If you yourself do not consider yourself as having a Type A personality, then someone you know and love more than likely definitely has one. You know that friend, the one that has to know every single detail of your casual and spontaneous Friday movie night plans. The one that has a different color highlighter…

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dads at home

Why More and More Dads are Staying at Home

Men are always supposed to be gentlefolk for the “fairer kind”. They are deemed the mighty, fierce protector, who, somehow, daintily holds the door for his lady. A manly man with chiseled abs, flowing mane-of-a-beard, and clothed in a leather coat is the typical jungle-cat women want to be with.   However, a different image…

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How to Create Clean Air in Your Home

Our blog posts often focus on suggestions for cleaning surfaces like kitchen countertops, entertainment centers, dining room tables and floors. So, this week, we thought it would be worthwhile to devote a little attention to one of the most important areas of your home which is easy to forget because you don’t see it at…

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How to Clean Your Home of Critters

Warm weather brings lots of creepy crawlies who like to invade even squeaky clean homes. So what is a winning strategy to clean your house so it’s free from pests and doesn’t offer an inviting habitat for future visits? Itsy Bitsy Spiders Poorly lit, abandoned corners often sport brown recluse and black widow spiders and…

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Three Steps to Clean Clutter

Do you have to dig through piles of old papers to find past due bills? Are your receipts buried under out-of-date magazines, coupons and fliers? Is your kitchen table stacked with CDs, DVDs and books? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be a pack rat. Even if you are relatively…

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How to Buy a Broom

Cleaning equipment used to be pretty basic. If you wanted a broom, you would drive to the store and buy whichever model was available. Large discount chains might have carried two choices—blue or red. But times have changed. There are now thousands of cleaning tools on the market, all of which boast unique features. Most…

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How to Clean Your Washer & Dryer

Besides your home itself, the largest household investment you will likely make is in large appliances such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and washer and dryer. But do you know how to protect that investment by properly taking care of pricey appliances? My Cleaning Lady is a domestic referral agency which works with only the…

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Should you leave your shoes at the door to keep your house clean?

In Japanese homes, it is considered disrespectful to leave your shoes on as you enter someone’s home. Guests remove their shoes and either slip into soft booties or socks provided by the host or go barefoot. And the practice is not just relegated to the Far East. Other countries observing this custom include Thailand, the…

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Post-Holiday Cleaning List

How to Clean Up After the Party is Over The rush of the holiday season and New Year’s celebrations can wreak havoc on hearth and home. So it’s important that you clean your house so you can focus on getting back to a normal work and personal life. We’d like to share some expert tips…

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How To Hoover–Vacuuming the Right Way

Vacuuming is like any task. If it’s done the wrong way, you won’t get quality results. If you follow the following expert tips about how to properly vacuum as well as the way to select the perfect machine, the floors in your home will be the cleanest floors in town. Your vacuum is more versatile…

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