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Category archives for Holiday Cleanup

thanksgiving cleaning

Keeping a Squeaky Clean Home Before, During & After Your Thanksgiving Feast

The picture perfect scene of the Thanksgiving Family dinner looks something along the lines of ten to twelve smiling faces, mounds of food cascading over the mahogany dining table, and a warm ambiance glowing in the background to reflect the love and good memories being shared. It’s a beautiful picture, yes, but it’s sad to…

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7 Days of Holiday Cleaning

Is your home already neat, tidy, organized and ready for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? We hate to break it to you. But if it is, there is still plenty of time for everything to unravel long before your first guest steps foot in the front door. Whether you’re hosting…

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The 7-Step Christmas Company Clean-up Routine

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or something you made up yourself, chances are that sometime this holiday season, you will entertain overnight guests. Do you know how to tackle deep cleaning to get ready for people who spend more than a few hours in your home? No need to take it to the extreme—replacing…

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How to Get Ready to Host a Holiday Party in 7 Easy Steps

If you’re going to be hosting a party over the holidays, you could probably use a few easy-cleaning hints to help you prepare. The following ideas are brought to you by My Cleaning Lady Referral Agency. We hope they’ll help you throw the best party of the year! Just take a few minutes to review…

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How to Clean Your “Good Stuff”

  While you might allow members of your immediate family to scrounge for paper plates and plastic forks and wipe their hands on their pants instead of a napkin, chances are that the holiday season appeals to more refined manners. With friends and extended family on their way to see you, you will probably want…

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Summer Visitor Housecleaning Checklist

Summer has officially arrived. And, with it, you likely have lots of friends and family who will want to spend time with you at your home. And try as we may to avoid extra chores before welcoming houseguests, the reality is that most people clean their homes before company arrives. To help you prepare for…

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Post-Holiday Cleaning List

How to Clean Up After the Party is Over The rush of the holiday season and New Year’s celebrations can wreak havoc on hearth and home. So it’s important that you clean your house so you can focus on getting back to a normal work and personal life. We’d like to share some expert tips…

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Making a Holiday Cleaning List—and checking it twice!

Cleaning the whole house before hosting company during the holidays might seem insurmountable. But, just like any task; it’s more manageable if you break it down into parts. Do a little cleaning each day of the week instead of all at once, and your home will soon be ready for plenty of holiday cheer. Here’s…

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