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Category archives for Economical House Cleaning

Stain-Fighting Secrets from the Pros

Have you ever wondered how professional housekeepers are able to get better results than you do? One of the reasons is that they know lots of great housecleaning secrets. With this post, we’ll let you in on a few insider tricks, so your house will sparkle and shine. If you’ve got any stain-fighting secrets to…

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Yelp Sucks the Life out of Small Business

As business owners, we hesitate to post anything negative about someone else’s organization. However, after diligently trying to make Yelp work for us, we feel obligated to share our negative experience, in the hopes that others may learn from our mistakes and refuse to play the Yelp ad game. In 2012, we were curious about…

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Make a Clean Break from Fights about Housework

An article in this month’s Daily Mail asserts that couples fight over housecleaning almost as much as finances. In fact, according to the story: House-cleaning causes the most marital dust-ups as majority of couples admit they argue about chores at least once a week. One in five people know a couple who fight or have…

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How to Make Good on your New Year’s Housecleaning-Related Resolutions

Since by now (hopefully), you have put away all of your holiday lights and wrapping paper and thrown away uneaten fruitcake or potato latkes, it’s time to face the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve. If you’re like most Americans, your list includes getting healthy, giving up bad habits and organizing your house. Since…

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7 Days of Holiday Cleaning

Is your home already neat, tidy, organized and ready for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? We hate to break it to you. But if it is, there is still plenty of time for everything to unravel long before your first guest steps foot in the front door. Whether you’re hosting…

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Black Friday Top 10 Shopping Tips

After you’ve finished eating your turkey and pie, it will be time to focus on the holiday shopping season, which officially begins on Friday, November 23. In America, Black Friday is a great day for bargain hunters…but only if you know the secrets to successful shopping. Here are 10 ideas that will help you navigate…

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Fall Housework Hints: How to Clear Clutter

The kids are back in school. The weather is cooling down. The house is a wreck. What to do? Here are a few household hints from the housecleaning professionals at My Cleaning Lady. Before you do a deep clean, all hands on deck to clear the clutter. Start here: Papers Where do they all come…

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How to Cut Grease Inside Your Home

One of the most difficult household issues to tackle is grease and grime. You might have trouble removing grease from your stove top and kitchen or laundry room appliances. Most housekeepers and homeowners agree that dried oil can be particularly difficult to remove. In fact, even the strongest commercial household cleaners don’t always effectively and…

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How to Clean Your Fireplace

As summer wraps up, the last thing on your mind is probably your fireplace. But did you know that routine service calls such as chimney sweeping often cost less when you order in the off season? So what better time to call your local fireplace expert than in early September, long before the cold winter…

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How to Clean Your Pet’s Place

Steps you should be taking to thoroughly clean the areas of your home where pets hang out According to the Humane Society of the United States, 39 percent of all U.S. households own at least one dog. In fact, 28 percent of owners have two dogs and 12 percent own three or more dogs. When it…

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