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Category archives for Dusting

pets and allergies

Living With Pets and Allergies 101

If you or someone in your home has pet allergies, it doesn’t have to mean that you’ll never get to experience the wonderful joys of having a pet. You can have allergies and a pet if you have the right tips and tools to help you do so. 1. Know Your Allergies This is perhaps…

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10 Spring Cleaning Ideas

Martha Stewart’s book, Homekeeping Handbook, includes a free printable checklist for the annual house cleaning ritual that most Americans observe as soon as buds start to appear and birds begin to sing. Although she recognizes that pleasure typically comes only after the work is finished, she challenges readers to improve the process by making the…

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What NOT to do to Clean Your House – Part 1

[caption id="attachment_523" align="aligncenter" width="346"] One thing we would recommend against is letting an anteater clean your carpets.[/caption] This is part 1 of a 2-part series. Check back next week for part 2. Housekeeping bloggers often share tips and hints for cleaning house. But seldom do they tell you what NOT to do. This series by…

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How to Clean Your Home in 15 Minutes

CNN recently ran a story offering tips for cleaning a house, top-to-bottom, in 19 minutes. We’d like to do better by providing you instructions for cleaning your entire home in 15 minutes flat. Admittedly, these tips won’t provide you with a deep down clean. And if your home is larger than one bedroom/one bath, you’ll…

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Do You Have a Latent Tendency to Hoard?

Have you ever watched the A&E television show, Hoarders? A team of professional house cleaners and psychologists work with homeowners who have amassed so much stuff, their houses team with clutter, rodents and filth to the horror and disbelief of everyone around them. What you might not realize is that many people have latent hoarding…

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How to Create Clean Air in Your Home

Our blog posts often focus on suggestions for cleaning surfaces like kitchen countertops, entertainment centers, dining room tables and floors. So, this week, we thought it would be worthwhile to devote a little attention to one of the most important areas of your home which is easy to forget because you don’t see it at…

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Summer Visitor Housecleaning Checklist

Summer has officially arrived. And, with it, you likely have lots of friends and family who will want to spend time with you at your home. And try as we may to avoid extra chores before welcoming houseguests, the reality is that most people clean their homes before company arrives. To help you prepare for…

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How to Get a Handle on Summer Dust

Before the hot days of summer lead you to close all of the windows and turn on the air conditioner until September, you might notice that a thin coating of dust has settled on virtually every surface in your home. And dust is the mortal enemy of electronic equipment such as computer terminals, monitors, keyboards,…

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How to Do a Quick Clean in 30 Minutes per Day

Although you probably set aside big chunks of time to deep clean your home or hire someone to help you out with the heavy-hitting, what do you do along the way to keep your house presentable for unplanned drop-ins? This simple checklist will get you in and out in less than 30 minutes a day.…

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Cleaning Up at Christmas: Dusting—Tips from the Pros at My Cleaning Lady

When you go to someone’s home, their floors can be gleaming and their countertops sparkling. But if there are thick layers of dust on the bookshelves or television set, the whole place looks dirty. Eliminating dust can be a challenge. But with the right tools and know-how, it can be accomplished! What exactly is dust,…

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