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Reasons Why You Should Put Your Apartment Up on Airbnb

why you should put your apartment up on airbnb

When your toes are dug in the sand while on a well-deserved vacation, do you ever wonder about your lonely apartment? While you are away, your dwelling is collecting dust, is available for break-ins, and is racking up utility expenses

Why not let another use your home while you are away so that delightful break from home pays for itself? Through Airbnb, you can allow others to rent your home while you are away, ultimately making money while you are making memories on a vacation. Still not convinced of letting an unknown guest use your headquarters? Let us give you some reasons and facts why you should Airbnb your apartment:

Reasons to Airbnb Your Home

Not only do you help the world feel like a smaller, quirky, intimate, and trustworthy planet, but here are a few more reasons why you should consider Airbnbing your home:

It’s like a Free Interior Design Evaluation!

When listing your place on Airbnb, there is an option for a professional photographer to come to your house or apartment (for free) to snap a few pictures for the website. These people are professionals – they know what looks good, and will suggest moving a few items around for eye-catching spaces.

Extra Spending Money Never Hurt Anybody!

According to Forbes, 56 percent of Airbnb hosts say that they use the money to contribute to their mortgages or rent. It only makes sense to get the most out of your place, and hosting on Airbnb is a great way for a bit of extra income.

Make the World a Better Place

Airbnbing your apartment while you’re away is a wonderful idea not only to earn a few extra bucks, but also to bring a sense of trust back into the community. Handing your keys to an unknown guest, allowing them to enjoy your home, share your bathroom, and sleep amongst your neighbors, breaks a barrier between that intimate space.

Two-thirds of Airbnb transactions involve folks crossing an international border seeking that local experience that truly comes from staying in someone’s sanctuary that’s out of town for the weekend. It’s the best way to experience a new culture and allow others to fully dive into a new realm of their existence.

Why You Should Put Your Apartment Up on Airbnb

Other Things to Consider

When guests are staying in your home, it’s essential to not only make them feel welcomed but also take extra precautions when it comes to your belongings.

Make your house/apartment very inviting!

Don’t bother stashing away family portraits or hiding any queer collections. However, it is vital to clean, clean, clean! Someone is paying to stay here, so definitely take the time to vacuum, wash the sheets, and dust the furniture. Essentially, you are a “family owned” hotel franchise, so clean until you reach the satisfaction level of your favorite hotel chains.

A clean set of linens and towels is required for the guests

If you plan to rent out your space on Airbnb multiple times, it is a good idea to buy an extra set of towels and linens for the guests to use. Of course, wash them thoroughly after each visit!

Airbnb charges a three percent fee for the cost of processing payments

This isn’t a whole lot at all!

If you plan on renting out your house/apartment for more than 14 days in year, regular homeowner insurance won’t cover your guests. Click here for more information on home insurance.

Lock closets, etc.

Investing in a lock ranges from 10 – 15 dollars if you aren’t comfortable with all parts of your home open.

Overall, hosting your home on Airbnb has more pros than cons. Just remember to keep the space clean, trust your gut, and be as honest as possible when describing your place to maintain happiness with everyone!