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10 Ways to Clean Your Home Quietly as a New Mother


10 Ways to Clean Your Home Quietly as a New Mother

When your sweet baby finally nods off for a much-needed nap, the last thing that you want to do is rev up the obnoxious vacuum to jolt the baby out of his or her snooze. After all, neither one of you has slept much in the last few weeks. New motherhood is a difficult blessing, and as much as you want to sit and stare at that precious, sleeping angel, you have household chores to keep on as well.

However, there is no sense in tiptoeing around to get nothing done during nap time because your time is valuable. So here are ten tips to keep the household efficiently running in low noise, no matter how new you are to the mommy game.

1. Get Laundry Done With Carpet

If the washing machine makes a ruckus, place flame-resistance carpet scraps underneath to quiet the bucking. Let it run in peace, and then quietly fold the laundry. It’s a chore that can be done while you tend to other necessities, so always start a load before doing another task.

2. Open Backyard Windows For a Quiet Breeze

Freshen up the whole house by swinging open the windows to air out the living space for instant vibrancy to help clear out the room from dust and other particles floating around. By using your backyard windows, it’s more likely to be quieter than your front home windows and you can get some fresh air in at the same time!

3. Sweep Instead of Vacuuming

Crumbs arrive even when food is not present. (It’s an obscurity to every home-dweller out there.) A sweep here and there lifts the dirt and translates the baby’s nap into your easy-peasy productive cleaning time!

4. Water The Plants Inside and Out

Dead plants are a downer. Use nap time to water your flowers, keeping that “new life” energy glowing and your little baby bundle sleeping peacefully. Weather you’re using the water hose or a bucket, either way is both effective and quiet.


Watering Can planter


5. De-clutter One Room at a Time

Doing one room at a time, walk around and pick up things that are out of place and return them to where they belong – a simple way to keep the house in order! By cleaning one room at a time, you can be sure to keep the noise at a minimum.

6. Clear Out Leftovers & Sanitize

If you do not know where to start, the fridge is never a bad idea. Throw out any leftovers that nobody will touch, non-fish items that mysteriously smell fishy, and the empty ketchup bottle that has been lying around for years. Scrub the shelves with a damp paper towel, organize the groceries, and feel instantly saner. Also, an open box of baking soda in the fridge fends the stink and excess moisture away!


7. Wipe Down the Counters 

Bathroom and kitchen counters could always use a vigorous scrubbing. Put on some gloves, grab a sponge and maybe cleaning spray, and get that grime out of your life! (Leave the grunts aside as to not disturb the peaceful baby.)

8. Rinse and Sanitize the Toilet

A simple squirt of solution and scrub with the toilet brush will brighten any bathroom with the door closed. This is one that only takes a few seconds, and you certainly won’t regret doing it.

9. Make the Beds 

No excuses on this one! A made bed lifts the spirits of a bedroom, making a quick, easy and noticeable difference in the put-togetherness of your sacred bedtime space. Plus, it makes going to bed that much more worth it at the end of the day.


Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. 

10. Clear Your Mind! 

Of course, your ‘you time’ is as prevalent as your baby’s resting time. Let your mind unwind for a few minutes by listening to a meditation tape, or sitting down to be present. Rocking chairs do wonders! Watch your thoughts float by, or peer at that cute face that you produced.

A clear mind greatly appreciates a tidy home, and mindless tasks like cleaning can certainly become your new mediator to mindfulness!