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What The Holidays Can Do To Perfectionist Mothers

With the holidays upon us, we’re gearing up to spend time with our friends and family. Sometimes that means gearing up to spend time with our friends and family in our own house. Rather than typically meeting at grandma’s, hosting this year’s holiday party at your house seemed like a great idea.

Don’t worry, becoming a perfectionist before a holiday party is only the norm. This video by Chris Fleming is PROOF you aren’t alone!

It seems you’re not the person who goes into a cleaning frenzy when expecting company, or hosting a holiday party. In fact, it seems that EVERY perfectionist mother turns into a crazy cleaning creature.

We get it, the holidays become a stressful time for all of us. So rather than tossing out that bed that you forgot to make, why not let My Cleaning Lady handle all that stress? They make sure that you will get the best cleaning service available in the Inland Empire or San Gabriel Valley.

Your kitchen will look good enough to be featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and your pillows looking like microwavable popcorn bags three minutes deep. They are quick, confident and promise to give you top quality service that is worth every penny.

If you’re needing a few extra hands to help get your home “party perfect,” My Cleaning Lady is a more than happy to link you to a dependable cleaning service. Visit their website at or call 909-829-5882 to speak to a representative. They’re ready to handle your holiday stress – there’s nothing they can’t handle!