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Mom Hacks: Rock Out this School Year

There is a song for nearly any occasion. Really, any occasion. You know you’ve found that one jam that makes you scream out, “My Gosh! This was made for ME!

No matter the circumstances, a single one-word reminder can leave you belching out the entire Endless Summer album by the Beach Boys. Nonetheless, the “U.S.A.” stops it’s “Surfin’” seeing class right around the corner. The summer’s number one hits are turned off while students are sadly humming “Wake Me up When September Ends”. No one is prepared for the impending doom of setting an alarm clock again.

Even moms hit the schoolhouse blues seeing their kids come home unmotivated to even say “hello,” let alone study or pick up their room. Thankfully, there is a crafty mom playlist of tricks to get her kids singing joyfully again, along with staying organized and motivated for the entire school year.

1. “Toys in the Attic” – Aerosmith

For most homes, the children’s play room is usually located in one space in the house, but we all know that children tend to carry their toys around to more places than one. Children will spend a majority of playtime dragging every belonging they own to every single room they can access. After the fun is over, parents are usually the ones who have to play hide-and-seek with all the stuffed animals and toy soldiers.

Simple transport can be as easy as placing a large community basket in one or two rooms. The basket can be as cute and decorative as the rest of your living room attire, but can serve a bigger function as well. When kids are done playing with one toy, have them place it in the basket at the end of the night. By doing so, all toys will be in one place and the beanie baby family can be carried back together in one load.

2. “Dirty Little Secret” – All-American Rejects

Your child’s room is probably a swirling, stinking sea of dirty clothes, ironically leaving the hamper as the only speck of visible furniture. The not-so-much-secret is that kids don’t like to clean up. So why not make it fun by turning it into a game?

Try putting a basketball hoop and backboard over the hamper in your son’s room. He can spend all day imagining he’s the next NBA superstar by wadding up his milk stained jeans and slam-dunking them into the hamper. Now he can be cleaning his room and have fun at the same time!

3. “Communication Breakdown” – Led Zeppelin

Sometimes the biggest issue in any relationship is communication. Even the best mom can have difficulty getting through to her children, which can cause tension when it comes to chores.

To combat this, grab some paper and glitter glue and create a fun chore chart for you and the kids to keep track of. For each day of the week, post a chore that needs to be done before bedtime and have your child mark it off when it is finished.

At the end of the week, tally up the days, and if all are done, reward him or her. Rewards can range from letting the kids choose the next place to eat out for dinner, what movie to watch, or even what game to play for the day. Create your own reward that your child would enjoy!

4. “P.S. I Love You” – the Beatles

Texting is good, but as many Moms know, sometimes your text message can get lost in the OMG’s and hashtags from your children’s friends. But, how else are you to communicate with them in your busy lives?

Sometimes a good ole’ fashion note is the best way to do so. If you need to make a quick comment before the kids get home from school, post a note wherever they are most likely to see it (on top of a snack, stuck to the TV, on the bathroom mirror, etc.). Use a note to tell them to turn the A/C off, take the chicken out of the freezer for dinner, or even walk the dog. A note is hard to ignore, so most likely it will be read and followed. Most importantly, make sure you always end each note with an “I Love You! :)”.

5. “You Belong with Me” – Taylor Swift

More than likely a child’s room is messy because the toys they want to play with are usually at the bottom of the treasure chest. This can result in a lava flow of Hot Wheels or Barbie dolls all over the floor. With this, it’s time to rethink organizing and getting rid of the toy bin.

One great idea is to replace the out of date tubs with shelves or drawers with built in separators to help organize toys. If each toy is visible and has its own section, then it can be easily taken out and put back without much fuss. This can be used for school supplies and textbooks as well and can help save the clutter and arguments of a messy room.

6. “Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice

There is no fridge for students at school and freezable ice packs can become gross and drippy over time. It’s difficult to find something that won’t spoil in a bag by the time lunch comes around hours later.

So instead, find something for lunch the night before that can be frozen (like a bottle of water, Gogurt Tube, or box of apple juice) and place it in the freezer. The frozen item doubles as an ice pack but can also be eaten so there is no need for the mess of those blue jelly freezer bags anymore.

School can be hard on kids, but it can also be some “Tough Love” for mom as well. With these helpful tips, the school year will be fun, easy, and organized. If you have any comments or questions about staying organized, or if you need an extra helping hand when it comes to staying neat, contact My Cleaning Lady or call 909 742-7532.