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3 Random Places Every ‘Type A’ Personality Loves More Than Disneyland


If you yourself do not consider yourself as having a Type A personality, then someone you know and love more than likely definitely has one.

You know that friend, the one that has to know every single detail of your casual and spontaneous Friday movie night plans. The one that has a different color highlighter for every subject she is studying in school. The friend that absolutely insists that her your movies be organized by genre and then Alphabetically, despite your furious protest.

Our type A friends don’t mean any harm, they just love precision, organization, and being the absolute best they can be. Not too long ago, I spent a day running a few errands with my Type A best friend and I learned that these places more than anything make her face light up more than a four-year-old their first time riding It’s A Small World at Disneyland.

type a personality

1. The Container Store

The first stop on our to-do list was The Container Store. My best friend’s heaven: An entire store dedicated to containers.

Okay, I have to admit, after being a little skeptical, even I (type B, messy, unorganized, and spontaneous) thought this place was pretty cool. I daydreamed about spending time organizing every little thing in my house from the non-matching towels I have all over my cabinet, to placing my messy magazines that are currently under my coffee table in a magazine rack.

2. Charming Charlie

The next stop on our list was a little bit more glamourous and I was looking forward to it. My friend had a packed calendar filled with events that she was attending in the following month and she needed to find accessories for a variety of outfits.

We walk into Charming Charlie to see an entire store separated by color. My friend’s face lit up and a light smile rested on her face as if she was returning home from college for the first time. Despite the store being so large and filled with so many beautiful, colorful options, we only spent an hour picking out the perfect accessories that she needed and we were on our way.

3. Back-to-School Aisle in July

type a personality

My best friend and I have been friends for over sixteen years and nothing gets her more excited than the Back-to-School Aisle in a store in July.

I remember in elementary school she’d always be the first to buy her supplies for fear that they would run out of “the good Spacemakers,” and now, as a mother of a five-year-old, headed off to Kindergarten, she is over the moon about the opportunity to relive her glory days in the land of labels, highlighters, and binders.

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