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Why More and More Dads are Staying at Home

Men are always supposed to be gentlefolk for the “fairer kind”. They are deemed the mighty, fierce protector, who, somehow, daintily holds the door for his lady. A manly man with chiseled abs, flowing mane-of-a-beard, and clothed in a leather coat is the typical jungle-cat women want to be with.


However, a different image comes to mind when women look for a potential future father. For some reason, that devilish smolder is only seen in past pictures, and that biker jacket hangs in the closet collecting dust, because Dad is not only the ferocious leader of the pack, but also the gentle loving kitten every child and mother adores. The ability for dads to be both protector and nurturer is the reason why more and more dads are staying home, and with recent changes in the work environment, many are able to take up the opportunity.

dads at home

Equality Goes Both Ways

Men have more competition than ever at the office, and now they are facing the scary decision to potentially leave. Ladies, we have had to fight a few good years for the acknowledgement we are now receiving, and the struggle still is not over: it’s always been about the woman’s progress in the work environment, her new place in society, and even her new role in church.


These are all great accomplishments that were never possible beforehand, but we also cannot forget the uncomfortable positions we’ve had to overcome, because it was the years of resentment in any organization that have shaped us into the leaders we are today. But at the same time, how much easier it would have been to have a loving someone welcome us into the workplace, society, or church with open arms and eyes ablaze with compassion.


Therefore, we must be “the bigger man” and put those bitter or mocking thoughts aside if a man chooses to be home. Their equality and acceptance in the family is just as important as it is for us in the socialized world. Let’s be encouraging. Let us all help one another, because a stranger in unfamiliar land can either starve alone or share in the growth with those around; and by then, who is the real victim: the one who passes away from loneliness, or the ones who never got to love his existence?


A Chance for Hands-on Parenting

For quite some time (lets say since the creation of Adam),  the man has been the busy bee, money maker, and breadwinner… But now, due to impacted work fields and other financial difficulties, he may need to leave the aggressive work field and take up the homemaker position or even move the office job to the home office. There’s no shame in that… at all. Children need a father just as much as a mother, and the opportunity for this involvement has happened, so seize the moment.


There is a special bond between father and child that many sons and daughters haven’t experienced because of his involvement at work. Many boys typically don’t want to play catch with their mom (and ladies, if they do, thank God for the angel you have been given).

dads at home

(Source: 20th Century Fox)

Generally speaking, boys want their dad, a man to look up to, a role model to grow into, but this astounding connection cannot happen if one side of the parental unit is missing. It’s the same for a daughter; girls love to shop with mom, but it’s dad’s approval they always want and need when they return home with the bag of clothes.


One always needs the other: a dad cannot become a parent without the creation of a child, and a child is always born by two people, so keep that divine bond. Not only are more dads coming home because of cubical complications, but more so, they are following their hearts and listening to the laughs of their children that are calling him back to family too.


The Birth of House-hubbies

And since dads are at home, and the typical housewife is away at work, he must now take up the responsibility of becoming the “house-hubby”. His responsibility is to deliver his little ones to and from school (and any other soccer practice, piano lesson, dojo class, or girl scout meeting there after), prepare meals to the best of his ability (not every man can cook, just like not every woman can either), and of course he must clean too.


Since education, eating, and finances are essential, all the tasks that entail these aspects are essential, which typically means that when time runs down the grime in the house goes up. Okay, so cleaning the house from top to bottom every day is impossible (and scary too), but a light dusting must be kept up. Therefore, cut corners when you can; a cleaning service may be able to keep you from your coffee coma whether it’s a one time crackdown after your daughters 16th birthday bash, or a weekly scrubbing before your church small group.


This new generation of busy bees has made the incredible dream of working from home an ultimate reality. Now, dads can truly be the best they can be because they are present leaders who are active in the lives of those around him both at work and at the house. However, every person can use a helping hand when it comes to their job, especially jobs around the house, so if you can use a few extra pairs of house working hands, contact us at My Cleaning Lady or call (909) 593-6690, because every working dad, at home or in the office, needs some time to be just a father.