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How to Teach Your Kid to Be Clean and Organized at a Young Age

Do you dream of one day not having to pick up after all of your toddlers? Do you long for the day that they can help you wash the dishes and do the laundry? Well, you can help that day come sooner than you think. Here are a few tips on how to encourage your kid into being the clean and organized person they can be:

Let Them Help You

If your child is still really young, this tip is especially important. Whether or not your child is actually “helping” you or not, it’s important that they think they are. Let them carry a thing or two inside the house when you get home from the grocery store. Let them “wash” a dish or two. Let them hold the dustpan while you sweep. Even though it may seem like extra work for you to let them think that they are helping you, one day they will actually be able to complete the task on their own and will be glad to do so. It’s important to establish a child’s desire to help and be clean from a young age.

Make Cleaning Fun

kid's cleaning habits

Sing the famous clean up song, or play some different music to dance around to while cleaning up. Cleaning doesn’t have to be tedious, it’s important for your little one to know that it can be fun! Another great way to have some fun while cleaning is by adding a little bit of competition. Race to see who can clean their side of the room the fastest and the cleanest.

Build the Expectation

Make sure that your child knows that with each activity comes three parts: Set-up, playtime, and cleanup. Eventually, it will be ingrained in them so they won’t expect activities to be any other way.

Be a Role Model

kid's cleaning habits

Try to establish organized habits for yourself that your children can model after. For example: after you eat, take your plate to the sink and clean off the table. If you let your dish sit on the table for a long time after you eat, so will your child.

Give Small Incentives

Whether we like it or not, a bribe goes a long way. Establish a chore system where the children can receive points or tokens that can allow them to work their way up to a prize like a trip to get ice cream or an extra hour of TV & Internet time.

Teaching kids to be clean can be a little tricky, but it definitely pays off in the end!

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