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Living With Pets and Allergies 101

If you or someone in your home has pet allergies, it doesn’t have to mean that you’ll never get to experience the wonderful joys of having a pet. You can have allergies and a pet if you have the right tips and tools to help you do so.

1. Know Your Allergies

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember when owning a pet and having allergies. Before getting a pet, make sure that you can answer these questions.

  • What are your allergy triggers?
  • Are you only allergic to pet dander or do you have other allergies as well?
  • Do you have seasonal allergies?
  • What seasons are they at their worst?
  • Are you allergic to animals with both long and short hair?

pets and allergiesAnswer these questions will help you to select a pet that will fit your specific needs and minimize your allergy symptoms. Take a visit to your doctor and get a full description of your allergies and ask them if they have any pet suggestions for you.

2. Allergy Medication

When you visit your doctor, they will most likely prescribe you something or suggest a medicine for you to pick-up over the counter. Either way, it is important that once you are prescribed your allergy medicine you take it on a regular basis in order to regulate your symptoms.

3. Use Air-Cleaners

There are several different brands of air cleaners that exist for the sole purpose of ridding the air of pet dust, germs, and dander. This type of system silently filters and purifies the air in your home. If you have a pet that you are allergic to, this is a non-negotiable.

pets and allergies

4. Have Pet Free Zones

For the days that your allergies are extra bothersome, it’s important that you have a place that you can go to that is 100% free of pet dander. Keep a place in your home that your pet(s) will never have access to.

5. Keep A Clean Home

This is an important one. When you have a pet, especially a pet that sheds frequently, you can’t vacuum and dust enough. Invest in a HEPA vacuum, and get your home deep cleaned by a professional once a month to eliminate the possibility of pet hair and dander piling up over time.

pets and allergies

You can also get a really good vacuum and eliminate rugs if you can (hard flooring is best). Also try to launder your bedding regularly with scent free detergents.

Always hang your clothing or keep it away from the cats to reduce dander and try to keep your pillow away from your pets or try to lock it in a closet during the day and wash them frequently if you can.

6. Keep A Clean Pet

Another important part of pet ownership with allergies is keeping a clean pet. If you have a dog or a cat, wash it once a week and make sure you clean out any litter boxes that may be in your home on a regular basis. If you have a smaller, caged animal, make sure that their cage stays tidy and fresh at all times to avoid the spreading of germs, feces, and other small pet dander.

pets and allergies

If you have pets and allergies, knowing how to clean your home can be tricky. My Cleaning Lady provides fantastic housekeeping referrals that know what it takes to clean a home. Give us a call at (909)-593-6690 or visit us online for a free estimate.