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7 Amazing All-Natural Cleaning Ingredients

If you’re not a fan of chemicals, but you’re still a fan of clean, check out some of these amazing all-natural cleaning ingredients. These amazing all natural ingredients act as the base of many all-natural cleaning remedies that you can make easily in your home! Here’s what they are and what they are good for:

  1. Lemon Juice
    • This natural cleaning product has so many cool uses. In addition to it’s amazing natural smell, it can clean grease, get rid of mildew and bold and never leaves streaks on surfaces. When combined with other products such as vinegar or olive oil, it can be an even stronger cleaning agent. Here are some cleaning recipes that you can using lemon juice for:
  1. Baking Soda
    • When it comes to all natural cleaning ingredients, baking soda is the best deodorizer and stain remover. Consider using baking soda for these tasks:
      • Removing stains from the oven
      • Cleaning surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen
      • Sprinkling baking soda onto carpets before vacuuming
      • Removing stains from car upholstery
  1. White Vinegar
    • White vinegar is great for getting rid of grease, soap scum, and lime deposits from the kitchen and bathroom. It can also be fantastic to use on hardwood floors because it is so gentle. Here are some other ways you can use white vinegar:
      • Cleaning shower heads
      • Cleaning the toilet
      • Cleaning burnt pans
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide
    • When mixed with water, hydrogen peroxide’s fizzy nature is great for removing foreign substances off of surfaces. It can also be a great way of removing stains from white fabrics. Try these hydrogen peroxide cleaning solutions:
      • Removing urine stains
      • Removing mold and mildew
      • Cleaning countertops
      • Adding it to your dishwater for cleaner dishes
  1. Castile Soap
    • Castile soap is perhaps the most versatile cleaning product of them all and the fact that it is eco-friendly and gentle on your skin, is just a plus. Here are some ways you can use castile soap as an all-natural cleaning ingredient to clean your home:
  1. Borax
    • Borax, also known as Sodium Borate is a useful and eco-friendly substance to use for cleaning your house. This product is typically used in laundry detergent but has other fantastic cleaning uses as well. Here are some of them:
      • Unclogging drains
      • Deodorizing your garbage can
      • Removing stains from porcelain sinks
  1. Olive Oil
    • Olive oil isn’t only great for cooking it is also a great natural tool for cleaning your home. The texture and wonderful smell make it a versatile product to use all over the house. Here are some ways you can use olive oil to clean your house:
      • Polishing wood furniture
      • Shining stainless steel
      • Cleaning cast-iron pan
      • Repairing scratches on leather furniture


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