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5 Times Monica Geller Proves That She Should Work For A Cleaning Maid Service

Monica Geller would be the world’s best housekeeper. She’s clean, she’s organized, and quite frankly…she’s a little crazy. But crazy or not, we all have a lot to learn from Monica when it comes to doing an excellent cleaning job. Here are a few times Monica had something to teach us about what a cleaning maid service should be like.

  1. Good isn’t Good Enough. It Has to Be Great

If Monica had her own cleaning business, we already know what her business slogan would be…


Monica Geller never settled for less than perfect when it came to her cleaning. With our referral agency, you are able to pick out your own personal Monica that won’t settle for anything less than Monica Clean.

  1. A Great Job, Is A Thorough Job


(Source: Tumblr QUEENKNOPE )

Monica taught us how to be thorough. If she didn’t get it right the first time, she was ready to do it a second, third, and seventeenth time. Now, don’t worry, we aren’t saying that our cleaning maid service referrals will clean the toilet while you’re on it. But what we are saying is that we are confident in our referrals. They do a thorough job. They don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. They are confident about their cleaning abilities and are excited to listen to your needs so that they are able to accommodate them to the best of their ability.

  1. Everything Should Have A Designated Place


(Source: Tumblr theghostofgracekelly)

Monica had a desperate need to put everything in its exact place. If she didn’t have a place for something, she made a place for it and then all was right in the world again. Our maid referrals promise to do the same. They want to help you figure out where all the ribbons will go and they are committed to doing just that.

  1. You Gotta Have The Best (Wo)Man For The Job



Monica didn’t like it when other people cleaned her house, because she knew that she was the best. Our housekeepers know that they are the best in the industry. So give them a chance to show it.

  1. Cleaning is a Way of Life


At we eat, sleep, and breathe cleaning. Our housekeeping referrals are professional, through, and committed to doing great work. They may not be Monica Geller, but they certainly are the next best thing.