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11 Housecleaning Chores You Should Leave to the Professionals

gebäudereiniger arbeitet im wintergartenAlthough you might not splurge on a weekly or even biweekly housecleaning service, chances are, at some point in time, you have hired someone to handle certain household chores simply because you can’t do everything yourself and still stay sane. After all—some of the items on your “Honey Do” list are complicated and/or messy.

In a story Allison Cooper of TLC wrote about when to hire out help, she divided household chores into three categories:

  • Daily or weekly tasks: dishes, dusting, toilets, showers, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming
  • Occasional, more time-consuming chores: windows, draperies, carpets, floor refinishing
  • Infrequent or emergency-situation jobs: chimneys, mold, gutters

For regular chores, most people DIY. And even if you hire a professional housekeeping service, you probably end up scrubbing a shower stall and wiping down your kitchen counters between housekeeping visits. There are lots of people who like to do everything themselves…even steam cleaning carpets and venturing up to the roof to clean gutters. But these tasks are scary. So we’ve created a list of 11 suggestions we have for making your life a little bit easier. After all; it’s better to spend a little money than to injure yourself cleaning the eaves or inhaling dust while replacing old air filters.

Here’s our list of 11 cleaning chores we think you should skip:

1. Air Ducts

If you or anyone in your home suffers from airborne allergies, you might decide to clean the air ducts in your home. If so (unless you’ve had extensive training,), hire someone who knows what he or she is doing.

2. Blinds and Drapes

Do you vacuum, dust and sponge down your draperies and blinds on a regular basis? Experts recommend that metal and vinyl blinds be taken down and plunged into a warm soap-filled bathtub or scrubbed with a car-washing brush. If this sounds less than thrilling, call an expert.

3. Carpets
If you vacuum on a regular basis, you can probably get away with steam or chemical cleaning your carpets once a year. Resist the temptation to rent a bargain steamer at the grocery store. The equipment available at supermarkets is not the same caliber as what professionals own. So it’s well worth it to hire someone else to do the job with the right gear.

4. Chimneys
Did you know that chimneys should be swept at least once a year, and even more often if you burn lots of fires? Schedule the chimney sweep before the cold weather begins and you might qualify for a discount.

5. Gutters
Gutter-cleaning should be a semi-annual task (generally in the fall and spring), and — especially if you have a lot of trees on your property — it’s probably not a very enjoyable one. There are some who claim that gutter maintenance is a DIY job, but we definitely do not fall into that camp. Why get up on a ladder with a bucket, hose and trowel if you don’t really have to? We’d say there are about a million better (and safer) ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

6. Hardwood Floors
Although most people can handle mopping routine hardwood floor maintenance such as sweeping and mopping, refinishing is a different matter. Refinishing is laborious. And if you proceed without knowing what you are doing, you run the risk of ruining the entire surface of your floors. And it’s almost always more expensive to pay someone to fix your mistakes than to hire a pro in the first place.

7. Mold
Removing mold on your own could be hazardous to your health. Remediation specialists will thoroughly inspect every suspected mold-growth area, clean it and make sure the environment is changed so mold won’t return.

8. Organizing
If a disorganized home is causing you stress, it might be time to call in a professional. Organizers do a lot more than remove clutter from your home. They can eliminate chaos in your life. And isn’t your peace of mind worth more than the money you would pay someone to create order in your home?

9. Upholstery
If you own leather furniture, condition and dust it on a regular basis and you’ll be good to go. For upholstered furniture, other than spot-cleaning spills and vacuuming pet hair, you should hire someone you trust to take care of your furniture so you won’t destroy the fibers by using the wrong kind of cleaner.

10. Windows
Do you clean your windows often? Because they tend to get dull before they become grimy, it’s easy to forget about your windows. Washing both sides including screens and sills is labor-intensive. Why else would so many housekeepers exclude the chore from their services provided? If you’re determined to handle things yourself, check out this short video tutorial. Otherwise, hire a housekeeping company that doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff.

11. Everything
It isn’t that you aren’t capable of cleaning up your own house. But, let’s face it. It’s summer. Wouldn’t you rather have free time so you can hang out with your family instead of slaving over a mop or vacuum cleaner? If you’ve ever considered hiring a housekeeper to handle the mess for you, now is the time to act. My Cleaning Lady Referral Agency is offering free estimates. So just give us a call and we will give you an idea of how affordable it is to hire someone to do the dirty work for you.

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