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20 Often Forgotten House Cleaning Areas (Part 1 of a 2-Part Series)


coccinela pulizie

Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

With the warm weather, you might find yourself entertaining more often than you did during the cold and cozy weekends of winter. But before you start sending out barbecue invitations, make sure you take time to clean those areas of your home that are easy to overlook. You know what we mean—the nooks and crannies that seldom see the light of day.

When it comes to cleaning house, the adage “out of sight-out of mind” definitely applies. So spend a little time surveying your entire home. Check it out, top-to-bottom. And don’t forget 20 of the most often neglected spots in your home (presented in alphabetical order). This week, we’ll focus on 10. Next week, check back as we close out this series, which should help you get your house in fine shape before summer:

  1. Around Appliances—if you’ve ever moved, you know the humiliation of seeing the dust and dirt that accumulates in, around and under your refrigerator and washer/dryer. Don’t wait until it’s time to relocate to move these heavy-hitters and clean coils, hoses and the floor where large items are stored. 
  2. Baseboards—the easiest way to clean baseboards is with a damp sponge and some clean dry paper towels. Resist the urge to assign the task to your toddlers. Though they won’t have to squat to work, they probably won’t give the job the attention to detail it deserves.
  3. Bottom Edge of Countertops—although kitchen and bathroom countertops are among the most-often cleaned items in the home, it’s easy to forget to clean the sides and undersides of counters. So take a few minutes to give attention where it’s due…the area where germs often collect and grow.
  4. Ceiling Fan Blades—unless you’re abnormally tall, you probably don’t notice the dust which gathers on both sides of the blades on your ceiling fans. But grow it does. So take time to eliminate dust mites which can be strewn about the room when the fan is turned on if they are left unchecked. Just use a damp sponge and some mild household cleaner. If the blades are made of wood, paper towels or a microfiber cloth and an aerosol furniture polish will work well.
  5. Ceilings and Corners—a quick peek into the corners of your house will reveal whether or not spiders have gone to town this winter. If you see cobwebs, grab the broom and bat them down. If you have crown molding, run a damp sponge over the entire surface.
  6. Closets—if you skip vacuuming and dusting inside closets, now is the time to focus on them. Pull everything out and vacuum thoroughly. You’ll be surprised by how much dust has accumulated.
  7. Coffeemakers—if you haven’t run vinegar through your automatic drip coffeemaker do so today. Once you’ve run a cycle with pure white household vinegar, run again with water once or twice…or until the vinegar odor has dissipated.
  8. Cupboards—like closets, cupboards are often forgotten. But they house your most important items…from dishes to pots & pans to sheets and towels. This task might seem daunting if you tend to toss items into cupboards and quickly shut the door. But take the time to clean it out. You’ll be glad you did the next time you open the door and don’t get hit with flying household goods.
  9. Drawers—whether your junk drawer or every drawer in your entire home is in disarray, it will be worthwhile to organize those tiny spaces that can quickly accumulate junk.
  10. Frames—picture frames and frames around artwork collect dust. And while you probably intend on dusting every single surface in your home, you might have forgotten the glass or the frames. Microfiber cloths are perfect for this chore. Keeping a lid on dust will make life easier on the allergy-sufferers in your home.

Next week’s blog post will feature 10 more neglected household areas. From kitchen buttons, knobs & handles to window sills, we’ll provide hints to help you organize your home in plenty of time to entertain this summer.

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