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10 Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring CleaningMartha Stewart’s book, Homekeeping Handbook, includes a free printable checklist for the annual house cleaning ritual that most Americans observe as soon as buds start to appear and birds begin to sing. Although she recognizes that pleasure typically comes only after the work is finished, she challenges readers to improve the process by making the project more manageable. Her printable checklist offers an overview of everything people need to know, such as information on cleansers, stain removal, fabric care, and storage.

She challenges readers to go through the tips and techniques, tailoring the list to individual homes. What’s more, she recommends amateur housekeepers:

  • Create a realistic schedule.
  • Realize that a single weekend won’t suffice for a thorough spring-cleaning job
  • Include detailed activities like shampooing carpets and organizing closets.
  • Focus on one task at a time.
  • Be sure to enlist the help of family members.

The professionals at My Cleaning Lady Referral Agency have a few spring cleaning tips of our own we would like to share with our readers:

  1. Clear out before cleaning up. You won’t be able to clean things if you can’t get to them. So the first step should be to remove large objects and out of place items.
  2. Dust and/or vacuum everything stem to stern. Although you might routinely vacuum around large furniture when you’re in a rush, spring is the time to move desks, couches, chairs and beds and thoroughly clean underneath. Since allergy season arrives in spring, you will be doing your lungs a favor by paying attention to details.
  3. Remove books from shelves. Dust loves to hide out behind old books on shelves, in closet door tracts and inside lampshades. Use spring cleaning as the time to focus on minutiae you don’t usually have time to consider.
  4. Wash trash cans. Although you probably intend on rinsing your trash cans every time you change the bag, you might have let the job slide a time or two during the cold winter months. So empty everything and lug your cans to the backyard so they can be soaked with water and dish soap and sprayed with antibacterial spray.
  5. Clean the Silver. These days, few people own fine flatware. But if you inherited some, don’t let it tarnish. Invest in an inexpensive silver polish. This is a great activity to turn over to your kids. If you fail to keep up on polishing, you won’t be happy with the stains that greet you the next time you want to entertain.
  6. Flip the mattresses. Another task that’s all too easy to forget, mattress flipping is important for eliminating dust mites as well as maximizing the life of your mattresses and box springs. Enlist some help so you can turn the mattress over and bang on it until the dust falls. You might be surprised at how much dirt has accumulated since you last did this simple task.
  7. Clean Blinds. Blinds are another object that is easily forgotten. But left unattended, blinds can collect loads of dust. So, as long as they aren’t made of wood, carefully remove them and soak in a bathtub filled with warm water and dish soap. Rinse and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.
  8. Oil Cabinets. While furniture polish is advisable for everyday cleaning, your cabinets can dry out if not routinely oiled. This is especially true in the warm summer months. So spring is the perfect time to conquer this annual chore.
  9. Turn your attention to the garage. As soon as you’ve cleared the decks inside your house, move to the garage and driveway. Spring is a great time to remove grease stains from the driveway and trim hedges that surround your yard.
  10. Don’t neglect your garden. When your yard is covered with snow or mud from fall storms, it’s easy to forget about lawn and garden care. But spring is the perfect time of the year to grab the gardening tools and head outdoors.

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