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Spring Has Sprung: 5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Spring Cleaning

Nature background with green grass and sky and ripped paper. Vector illustration.As we usher in a new season, your thoughts may turn to Spring Cleaning. In past posts, we’ve discussed ways to organize your home. So, this year, to shake things up, we’d like to drill down on an important housecleaning consideration for 2013—how to organize on a budget. All of these ideas are budget friendly as well as effective. So try a few or implement them all. The important thing is to get Spring Cleaning done so you will have time to smell the flowers.

  1. Junk Drawer

It’s the place where you stash anything and everything that doesn’t have an assigned spot in your home. But the problem with junk drawers is that they often become so cluttered, you can’t open the drawer to peek at what’s inside. To tame the mess, we recommend using organizers from a department or discount store. For about $10 per container, you will be able to sort items like tape, scissors and paper clips so you can put everything in its place.

  1. Clothes and Coat Closets

If you can’t hire a team to come out and retrofit your closets with custom dividers, never fear. For under $100, you can buy show racks, plastic sweater boxes and matching hangers. Even if all you do is pull everything out, dust, vacuum and replace it, your closet will be transformed. And if you take the extra time to re-hang/and or fold clothes and line up your shoes so they all face forward, your friends will be amazed.

  1. Linen Closets

Real Simple suggests tidying up towel and sheet storage by using colorful ribbons from gifts. Just tie around sheet sets so individual items won’t stray. This simple step will save you from wasting time having to hunt for matching pieces. And who can argue with the cost? Everyone loves free.

  1. Extra Rooms

If you have the luxury of having a guest room, you have probably grown accustomed to tossing everything into it to deal with later. Spring is the perfect season to face the mess head-on. Empty the closet and replace items according to frequency of use. For example, if you stash wrapping paper in the guest room closet, make sure it’s within easy reach so gift bags and bows won’t tumble out as soon as you slide open the door. Inexpensive plastic bins sold at big box discount centers or arts supply stores offer perfect hiding places for items like this. And who knows? If you take time to clean the guest room closet, your guests might even be able to use it the next time they stay.

  1. Hidden in Plain Sight

If you’re like most people, storage space is at a premium. So try to use Spring Cleaning as the time to strategize about how to stash items that clutter up your countertops. For just a few dollars per item, baskets make great hiding places. Opt for designer brands like the Longaberger or cheap knockoffs from Michaels, you’ll be glad you figured out an attractive spot to stash your stuff.

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