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5 Trusted Home Remedies for House Cleaning

Robot RedRosey the Robot on the popular 1962 cartoon, The Jetson’s gave us all a good reason to look forward to the future. After all; Rosie took care of menial household chores while her family was free to spend time pursuing leisure activities. Today, we enjoy a host of technological advances reminiscent of Rosey’s talents…like self-propelled vacuums, dust busters and automatic pool cleaners…to name a few. But most would agree that, when it comes to cleaning house, good old-fashioned home remedies are still the best way to get the job done!

Adapted from, here are six great cleaning-related home remedies:

  1. Disinfect toilets with denture tablets. Drop denture-cleaning tablets into toilet bowl and flush. This method won’t eliminate stains. But it will eliminate dangerous bacteria that form inside toilet bowls.
  2. Erase bathtub rings with baking soda. Erase hard water stains around your tub using a box of baking soda. Simply sprinkle baking soda directly onto the ring and let it sit for up to an hour. Then rinse with water and watch the nasty ring disappear!
  3. Use coffee filters to wash windows. One great option for cleaning windows is to use inexpensive and readily available coffee filters, which leave a streak- and lint-free shine. Even better than newspaper, this option won’t leave ink residue on your hands like newspapers do. This method also works on mirrors.
  4. Use ice to remove wax from carpet. If a candle melts onto your carpet, be thankful you didn’t start a fire and then get to work removing the wax from your rug.  The good news is all you’ll need is ice. Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and then place directly on top of the stain. Let the bag sit until the wax freezes. Then, scrape off residue using a dull knife such as a butter knife.
  5. Clean copper with lemon and salt.  Although they’re beautiful, the drawback to copper mugs is that they require a quick shine from time-to-time. Microwave a lemon for ten seconds. Then cut it the lemon in half. Dip the juicy side into the salt. Vigorously rub the copper. Stains will disappear and shine will be restored.

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