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Great Household Organization Products

Although we don’t typically endorse specific products or organizations at My Cleaning Lady, we like to stay on top of household organizational tools and ideas. So here are a few of our picks—just for kicks, which you check out and possibly use to clean, organize or decorate your house. (We are not in any way connected to the manufacture or sales of these items or organizations. We just think they’re cool.)  



Most household organization journeys begin in the kitchen, where clutter collects and guests gather. So we love this product by HomeTone .com because it not only provides you with plenty of space to safely store food, but the modern design features a window, so you can see what’s inside.


Another important step in organization is to get rid of clutter. But once you’ve gone through your belongings and decided what to keep and discard, what will you do with the rest? If an object is no longer useful to you, but is too good to throw away, give it a second home by using a free site like the Freecycle Network, which is made up of thousands of groups with millions of members around the world. Grassroots and entirely nonprofit, the movement consists of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Check it out.

label maker

Handheld Label Maker

You’ve probably seen labels on storage bins inside someone else’s garage and marveled at the depth of their OCD. But labeling containers is a great way to make sense of mayhem. In fact, no matter how disorganized the contents of any particular box, you’ll feel better about life when things are labeled. For just $20, you could own your own handheld label maker and label virtually everything in your entire home…even the cat.


Paperwork Scanner

If you have the funds for it, you could invest in a desktop scanner, which will allow you to eliminate every last scrap of paper that’s cluttering your kitchen counter or desk by scanning it and then shredding it for safety. Although these systems are a bit pricey, if you have a Smartphone or Tablet, you could download an affordable app that will enable you to do the same thing. We like the ones available for iPhones and Androids at


De-Clutter for a Cause

To arrange for a truck to come directly to your house and haul away unwanted clothing and household items, you could call Clothing for a Cause, which supports the Vietnam Veterans of America. If you’d prefer to give to another organization, that’s fine, too. Wherever you choose to exercise benevolence, it’s a win-win for you to clear the clutter in your home and donate the items to someone in need.

If you could use some help organizing and cleaning your home, give My Cleaning Lady Referral Agency a call. We would love to help get realize your housecleaning-related resolutions. The house cleaners we refer offer complete home cleaning services including thorough dusting at reasonable prices.

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