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Make a Clean Break from Fights about Housework

adam vs. eveAn article in this month’s Daily Mail asserts that couples fight over housecleaning almost as much as finances. In fact, according to the story:

  • House-cleaning causes the most marital dust-ups as majority of couples admit they argue about chores at least once a week.
  • One in five people know a couple who fight or have broken up over household chores.
  • Laziness about chores was second to bad personal hygiene in the list of reasons to break up with someone.

The author cites a survey done in English homes, which reportedly revealed that “When it comes to rows (arguments), the most common cause, cited by 24%, is money. But second, blamed by nearly one in five (17%) is deciding who cooks, does the washing up and tidies things away after meals.”

Woman’s Day Magazine put it another way, when a story uncovering the “Nine Signs your Marriage is Over,” noted sign number six—“If your partner continually refuses to listen to what you need (time, affection, physical contact, help with children or help with chores), or refuses to share his own needs, you’re not in a good place.”

Evidently, there is something to the theory, as a story in MamaPedia recounts an Oregon woman’s complaint that her husband threatened to leave her unless she cleaned their “pigsty” of a house. The distraught wife explained, “My house needs organization and cleaning. However, my husband has now threatened to leave (read: divorce) me twice if I can’t get it and keep it clean.” Why her spouse expected her to clean the house unaided is not addressed. But the fact remains that stress over housework can undermine relationships.

CNN ran a story last year entitled, Battle over Housework Breeds Stress. The narrative discussed the fact that chores can stir emotions. “Unpaid domestic work can be physically demanding, monotonous and isolating, and when one partner – usually the woman – is responsible for the lion’s share of the work, research has shown, that partner’s mental health can suffer.”

If you and your spouse argue about housework, there are a few steps you could take to calm the situation:

  1. See a counselor. Of course, you could always opt to speak with a professional about your relationship. But that takes time and money.
  2. Divide and conquer. Household tasks are manageable when they are equally assigned. If you share the load, you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  3. Hire someone to clean your house. Far less stressful and inexpensive than therapy, professional house cleaners can take care of the mess so you and your family members can relax and enjoy life instead of fighting about chores.

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