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How to Make Good on your New Year’s Housecleaning-Related Resolutions

new years resolutionsSince by now (hopefully), you have put away all of your holiday lights and wrapping paper and thrown away uneaten fruitcake or potato latkes, it’s time to face the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve. If you’re like most Americans, your list includes getting healthy, giving up bad habits and organizing your house. Since January is National Get Organized Month, according to the Association for Professional Although we can’t offer expert advice about exercising or smoking cessation, when it comes to organizing your house—the professionals at My Cleaning Lady Referral Agency have assembled a few helpful hints:

  1. Start Big. One of the techniques professional organizers rely on is to focus first on the large tasks before turning attention to minutiae. In other words, move furniture before you vacuum. Wait until putting everything that’s out of place back in place before dusting.
  2. Work in Layers. You could get distracted and lose valuable organizing time if you try to conquer any one room in its entirety. Instead, focus on just one organizational task at a time so you can conquer clutter in your whole house. For example, walk around your entire home with a basket for collecting out-of-place items.
  3. Many Hands Make Light Work. If you can enlist family members or friends to help you tackle the clutter in your house, do so. Once your house is clean, volunteer to help them organize theirs. Or host an organization party complete with refreshments and swag such as a pretty box filled with cleaning supplies each attendee can use and then take home.
  4. Start in the Kitchen. Martha Stewart recommends organization begin in the room used most…the kitchen. “Store things where you use them. Pots and pans are best kept near the range or cooktop; mixing bowls near the counter top you use for food preparation; plates, glasses, and flatware near the dishwasher. Frequently used small appliances, such as a toaster and coffeemaker, should be stored on the counter; ones seldom needed on a lower cabinet. Install a drawer onto a deep lower shelf for appliances used occasionally, such as a rice cooker and blender.”

  5. Keep Like Items Together. Make life easy on yourself by moving items together that belong together. Do you have coffee mugs in several different cabinets? Are pens and paper scattered in several rooms of your house? Decide the one location for each type of item in your house and move everything into place. This will not only help you get organized in the first place but will be easy to maintain.
  6. Make Sense of Storage. Store your most frequently used items in the most accessible places. Keep things you use most often at eye level. Store heavy items below waist level and infrequently-used items on high shelves or in another entirely separate area of the house.
  7. End Small. The longer you work on organizing your home, the most organized you will be. If clutter covers your dining room table, you probably shouldn’t spend time labeling the office supplies in your desk. But if you take time to organize the most important items first, you will likely be motivated to spend time down the road on little matters.

Do you need help cleaning up so you can tackle total-home organization? Call My Cleaning Lady Referral Agency. We would love to help get realize your housecleaning-related resolutions. The house cleaners we refer offer complete home cleaning services including thorough dusting at reasonable prices.

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