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The 7-Step Christmas Company Clean-up Routine

bottles on a background of the bucket and mopWhether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or something you made up yourself, chances are that sometime this holiday season, you will entertain overnight guests. Do you know how to tackle deep cleaning to get ready for people who spend more than a few hours in your home? No need to take it to the extreme—replacing floorboards or cordoning off entire sections of your house. Believe it or not, it is possible to have a clean home without going overboard. And if your schedule is typical, that information is probably a relief.

1. Entryways
No matter who stays at your house, they will need to get in through a door. So your time isn’t wasted if you spend it at the doorway. Keeping it clean will guarantee a good first impression.
•    Wipe down your front door.
•    Spray cleanser on the doorknob.
•    Shake out the doormat.
•    Sweep the porch and entry.
•    Wipe dust and dirt from floors and furniture legs.

2. Hallways
Once company enters your home, they will walk through hallways to get to the main living area. So take time to dust floorboards and sweep, mop or vacuum.

3. Kitchen
You’ve seen the sign: “No matter where I serve my guests. They seem to like my kitchen best.” The adage is true. People gather around food—especially during the holidays. So make sure your kitchen looks great and smells fresh. After cleaning, you can use a refreshing spray scent. But don’t try to mask odors with a deodorizing spray. No matter what the commercials say, you can’t cover up dirt with a spray can.

Pay attention to your garbage disposal. After all, it will probably be called upon to swallow a lot during holiday meal prep. To eliminate odors, chop up a whole lemon, including the rind, and let the disposal gobble it up. Tossing ice cubes into it will sharpen the blades.

4. Bathrooms
•    Thoroughly wipe all surfaces
•    Break out a stiff-bristled brush and bleach-based scouring powder to scrub the toilet bowl as well as the tank.
•    See the My Cleaning Lady blog post about bathroom cleaning for more ideas.

5. Windows  
For streak-free shine on the cheap, create a simple mixture from household vinegar and water. Pour into a spray bottle. Wipe the windows with a reusable microfiber cloth.

6. Bedrooms
There is no getting around it. If you’re going to host overnight guests, you need to do launder the bedding, including towels and sheets. To make things easy on yourself, invest in an extra set of linens so you can wash several loads together instead of having to do laundry every time you change the beds. Also important for guest rooms are tasks such as dusting and either sweeping or vacuuming and mopping. Since your guests will spend a considerable amount of time in the guest room, make sure you take adequate time to prepare sleeping quarters for their arrival.

7. Common Areas
Whether you hang out in the living room, family room or grand ball room of your house, it is worthwhile to spend time deep cleaning common areas. For details, check our recent posts about how to clean the living room and family room.

If you’d rather look forward to entertaining instead of taking time to clean the house yourself, call My Cleaning Lady, a domestic referral agency. We would love to help get your house ready for the holidays and could even help clean things up after your guests have gone.  The house cleaners we refer offer complete home cleaning services including thorough dusting at reasonable prices.

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