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Toilet Talk: 10 Steps to Take to Clean Your Home’s Throne

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to clean toilets. But they are essential elements in every 21st century home. So you should take steps to make sure you know how to keep the inside and outside of every bowl in your home as clean as a whistle. Dirty toilets are disgusting, smell, and are potential breeding grounds for lots of scary household germs.

Here are 10 tips for keeping your toilet tidy. To make sure your toilet is thoroughly clean; just follow these tips brought to you by My Cleaning Lady Referral Agency:

  1. Remove items from the top of the tank and around the bowl. Find a cleaner space to store facial tissue and waste baskets. Clearing items away from the toilet will keep them clean and out of harm’s way as well as preventing accidental drops into the bowl.
  2. Don clean gloves. Wipe porcelain toilet surfaces with a damp sponge. Then wipe around the tank, lid, seat, base and the exterior of the bowl. This will remove excess dirt and evenly disperse cleansers. (Make sure you toss the sponge after using.)
  3. Squirt cleaner directly into the bowl. Begin at the rim and don’t forget about the area under the lip of the bowl. Read manufacturer’s instructions for specific directions. Some cleaners work best if allowed to soak.
  4. Scrub bowl with a toilet brush. Although we usually recommend against purchasing unitaskers, in this case, buy a brush made solely to keep your toilet clean. At only a few bucks, it is worth the investment. Brush the entire bowl, being careful to remove mineral stains which might accumulate along the water level and at the back of the bowl. The more thoroughly you scrub the bowl, the better.
  5. Flush. Flushing is the perfect delivery method for a clean rinse. So flush after scrubbing and then continue to scrub even as the water drains from the toilet. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Spray with disinfectant. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Get the top and bottom of the seat. Spray the entire exterior of the toilet. Use a disposable cloth or paper towel to distribute the cleaner.
  7. Clean the handle. The handle is often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. But germs harbor there. So be sure to get the handle on them by applying an antibacterial disinfectant spray.
  8. Spray the floor and tiles around the toilet. Spray bottles are great disinfectant delivery tools. So spray and then wipe with paper towels or a disposable cloth.
  9. Use clean gloves to rinse off items that were located on or around the toilet. Replace items that were near the toilet when your job began. Wipe dry with a paper towel and place them somewhere out of the splash zone.
  10. Don’t forget to dry. It’s easy to forget about drying the seat and top of the toilet tank. But this is an important step, since wet surfaces are perfect breeding areas for germs.

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