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How to Cut Grease Inside Your Home

One of the most difficult household issues to tackle is grease and grime. You might have trouble removing grease from your stove top and kitchen or laundry room appliances. Most housekeepers and homeowners agree that dried oil can be particularly difficult to remove. In fact, even the strongest commercial household cleaners don’t always effectively and efficiently cut grease. Particularly frustrating is the fact that the more you struggle to remove sticky, greasy film, the stickier it can become.

Have you tried the old standby home remedies, which are not only time-saving but money saving as well? While they may require a bit of elbow grease, they easily cut through many forms of household gunk and grime:

  • Vinegar—a great home remedy for removing residue in and around ovens and stove tops as well as appliances. Just pour straight white vinegar into a spray bottle and apply directly to the mess. Allow the vinegar to soak in for a few minutes and wipe away with a dishcloth or heavy duty paper towel that’s been saturated with hot water.
  • Non abrasive sponge or long-handled scrubbing tools are inexpensive and very effective when it comes to removing grease. You might even be able to pick one up at the 99 cents’ store.
  • Dish soap—while we don’t like to provide brand names, this one might dawn on you. If your stove or other kitchen appliances are spattered with caked-on cooking oil, forego expensive commercial kitchen cleansers in favor of the cheap grease dissolving dishwashing liquid you can buy at the grocery store. Soaps that contain degreasers work well if you soak a household rag in hot water, wring it out and then apply dish soap. Rub and scrub in a circular motion like the Karate Kid did to “wax on, wax off.” Rinse and repeat.
  • Baking Soda—who knew that the leaven you use in baking is also a great cleaning agent? Use a mixture of soda and water to clean grease spatters throughout your kitchen and garage. Just dampen a sponge, sprinkle with baking soda and wipe away the greasy mess.
  • Cleanser—you can either purchase the commercial cleanser that has three numbers in it (40-something), or, if you’re having trouble removing stubborn greasy film, opt for the more economical method. Just use cooking oil. Admittedly, this sounds strange. But it turns out that grease removes grease. Just apply vegetable oil to a paper towel and rub on the mess. Follow up with a commercial kitchen cleaner or dishwashing/water mixture. Your appliances will sparkle and your elbow won’t ache.
  • Flour—Sprinkle any greasy spot on your floor with flour to help soak up excess oil. Allow the flour to sit for about 15 minutes. Then, just sweep or brush away the loose flour before removing the dried up mess with a paper towel. To finish, spray the spot with a kitchen cleaner and wipe the spot until it shines. (By the way…did you know that you can pick up a spilled egg by pouring sugar on it? This solidifies the white & yolk so you can pick it up in one easy-to-handle chunk.)
  • Ammonia—one way to cut grease on stovetops is to pour a small amount of this intense cleanser right onto grease spots on your stove. Cover the spot with plastic wrap so the fumes won’t escape. Leave the mixture overnight. Then, in the morning, wipe clean. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and completely grease comes off. And you can buy about a gallon of household ammonia for about $2.
  • Grease Cutting Products—at My Cleaning Lady, we don’t like to endorse commercial products. But for your convenience, here are the names of a few grease-cutting products you might not be aware exist to make your life easier. For grease, try Murphy’s Oil Soap, De-Solve It or Simple Green. While these cost a bit more than the above products, they come already mixed and ready-to-go. And they can cut down on the time you have to spend cleaning up the grease in your house.

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