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How to Create Clean Air in Your Home

Our blog posts often focus on suggestions for cleaning surfaces like kitchen countertops, entertainment centers, dining room tables and floors. So, this week, we thought it would be worthwhile to devote a little attention to one of the most important areas of your home which is easy to forget because you don’t see it at all…the air! Granted, you might see brown air if you live near downtown Los Angeles. In this case, they call it smog. But it doesn’t belong indoors. So, for the purposes of this post, we’ll cover the air that is inside of your home.

  1. Good air begins with a clean home. The first thing to do is to clean your house from top to bottom, making sure you eliminate airborne dust particles. In a nutshell, this includes vacuuming, dusting, mopping and wiping surfaces. For details about how to clean your entire home, check out our posts which focus on specific cleaning ideas for each of these important interior areas.
  1. Ceiling fans deserve special attention. Although we covered the topic of dusting in the previous point, ceiling fans warrant their own category since they tend to harbor dust and are easy to forget to include in your weekly cleaning routine. Ceiling fans collect dust and scatter it around the room. So make sure you don’t neglect this important dust collector when you begin your quest to clean the air that you breathe.
  • To start with, you’ll need a stepladder unless you can easily reach the fixture.
  • Use a damp paper towel to carefully and slowly wipe the heavy layer of dust and grime that might have accumulated if you don’t routinely clean your ceiling fans.
  • If there are pull chains, wipe them with a dry cloth and follow up with a microfiber cloth or feather duster to dust the housing and other parts. (Helpful hint: do this prior to tackling your floors or you’ll spread dust everywhere.)
  1. Concern about curtains. Another area that might have dust buildup is window coverings. Whether your windows have wooden or vinyl blinds or fabric curtains make sure you attend to them as part of your quest to clean the air in your home. Use a wet cloth to wipe blinds and either launder drapes and valances or take them to the dry cleaner. No use investing in equipment to clean the air in your home unless you eliminate the dust that so easily collects on curtains and draperies.
  1. Air Duct cleaning is an option. *Once your home is free of dust and dirt, consider hiring someone to clean your air ducts. If your ductwork is dusty, you won’t breathe easily in your home even if everything else is spick and span. There are several companies that provide this service. So make sure you choose a reputable firm that specializes in HVAC cleaning. Some business owners may tack this onto their other specialties. But you should hire someone who makes ductwork their number one priority.

If you are unconvinced about the effectiveness of or need for air duct cleaning, check out this comment from an Angie’s List customer who lives in Ohio:

I noticed an immediate improvement in air quality — everyone in the house suffered fewer allergies afterward — and the entire HVAC system worked more efficiently.”

  1. Purifiers can alter the air you breathe. *Commercial Air Filters such as Living Air by EcoQuest or Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers by Alpine Fresh Air Purifiers filter the air in your home and pump fresh, clean air. Air filters come in a wide range of sizes and prices, from a small portable unit at a discount store for about $30 to thousands for a whole-house filtration system. But whatever you decide to do, for best results, install your purifier after you’ve given your house a thorough cleaning.

*My Cleaning Lady does not provide air duct cleaning services and we are not air duct cleaning specialists. What’s more, we do not sell air purifiers of any kind. So this post simply provides ideas and is not meant as expert opinion on the matter of air duct cleaning or air purification systems.

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