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How to Get a Handle on Summer Dust

Before the hot days of summer lead you to close all of the windows and turn on the air conditioner until September, you might notice that a thin coating of dust has settled on virtually every surface in your home. And dust is the mortal enemy of electronic equipment such as computer terminals, monitors, keyboards, television sets, DVRs and DVD players.

So, what’s the best way to tackle fine particulate matter to keep your electronic investments in good working order? Here are a few tips from the professionals at My Cleaning Lady:

How to remove dust from Electronic Equipment—

  • If possible, keep your computer tower elevated. If it sits on the floor, it is more susceptible to collecting dust bunnies. And dust bunnies and electronics are incompatible.
  • One way to eliminate this problem is to make sure you dust from the ground up. So don’t forget baseboards! Because of their location near the floor at the base of walls, it is easy to overlook baseboards. By neglecting this area of your home, you allow dust to build up and eventually move to other areas of the room…especially items that rest low to the ground.
  • If space is at a premium and you are forced to store expensive equipment on low-to-the-floor shelves, make sure the area is well-ventilated.
  • Store equipment away from cooling or heating air vents. If the air vents in your home or office are not cleaned regularly, they can release dust.
  • Clean the area around equipment on a regular basis.
  • Vacuum and dust surfaces that house electronic gear.
  • Use compressed air to clean the inside of your computer and keyboard.
  • Turn off equipment it to sit and cool down for at least 30 minutes before using the compressed air to remove dust particles. This will prevent computer chips and drives from becoming damaged as a result of temperature changes resulting from the application of compressed air.
  • Computer equipment requires special care, such as cleaning the motherboard and keyboard using compressed air. Clean the dust from the motherboard any time you have to open the case, such as when install new memory chips or other components.
  • Keep all food and drinks away from electronics. Food particles attract and increase dust (not to mention pests!)
  • Consider investing in a whole-house HEPA filtration system, which will help keep dust levels throughout your home at a minimum.

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