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How to Clean Your Home to Keep Allergies at Bay

Part 1 in a Series about How to Clean Your Home to Eliminate Allergens.

This blog post is meant solely for informational purposes. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult your physician for details about treating allergies.

Your house is a place to relax and entertain family and friends, far from the worries of the outside world. But is your home a haven for hidden allergens? Do dust mites hang out on your sofa as much as you do? Do mold spores hide in the crevices of your shower? Unseen housemates can turn a happy home into a house of allergy horrors.

According to a spokesman from the Honor Society of Nursing:

“About one third of all Americans suffer from some kind of allergy. Many suffer from environmental allergies. And about 35 million (more than 10%), experience hay fever, which is an allergy to pollen. Others are allergic to pet dander, mold and dust mites.”

The good news is that interior allergies can be tackled if you simply take a few easy steps to allergy-proof your home. Once you develop and implement some basic housecleaning strategies to reduce allergens, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief without sneezing, sniffling, or wheezing.

  • Cover the basics.
  • Clean and repeat. (Follow a regular cleaning schedule.)
  • Enlist the troops. (If you personally suffer from allergies, the best advice we can provide is to hire a professional to clean your home, or get your family on board. An allergy-prone person shouldn’t do extensive housecleaning since the cleaning process stirs up allergens that aggravate symptoms.) You could always leave the job to the professionals at My Cleaning Lady. A domestic referral agency, we work with only the best housekeepers in the business and are based in LaVerne, California. We offer professional housecleaning services all along the 210 corridor in the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire.
  • Invest in the right equipment. To rid your home of allergens, you need to be well-equipped. After all, you’ll be nose-to-nose with sneaky spores, multitudinous mites, and drifting dander.
    • Purchase a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter. Allergists recommend HEPA-filter vacuums because they reduce airborne allergens by trapping dust mites and other small particles without re-releasing them into the air.
    • Encase comforters in allergen-impermeable material.
  • Tame dust. Using a damp rag, wipe down your bed frame to keep it free of dust.
  • Rinse and repeat.
    • Each week, wash all of linens in hot water.
    • Wash your mattress pad and blankets every two to four weeks in hot water.
    • Wash the mite-proof encasings as recommended by mattress manufacturer.
    • Washing linens regularly not only kills dust mites, it also reduces their food source (i.e., dead skin flakes). Washing only kills the adult mites but does not harm their larvae. So it’s important to wash linens weekly—to eliminate each new crop of critters.

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