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How to Clean Your Laundry Room

Is your laundry room a mess? Don’t know where to begin to clean things up? Whether you have a large dedicated laundry room or just a small corner of the garage with a stackable washing machine and dryer, with just a few simple steps, you can regain control of the space.

  1. Catch up on laundry. Nothing spells disorganization more than clothes strewn all over the floor. To take control of your laundry room, start by putting away clean clothes. Hang anything that belongs in your closet. Fold towels. Organize undergarments and haul everything to the room where it belongs. Wash dirty clothes and put those away, too.
  2. Clear away unnecessary items. This is particularly important if your laundry room doubles as office space, mud room, pet area or storage spot. Even if you have a dedicated laundry room, the space will be more comfortable to spend time in if you clear the clutter.
  3. Dispose of extra bottles and boxes. If you store cleaning supplies in the laundry room, safely dispose of outdated items, especially if you don’t use them anymore or if the container is ripped or dented. To dispose of household chemicals, contact your city about proper disposal procedures.
  4. Organize. Place remaining items on shelves or in cabinets and bins so that the items you use most are close at hand but out of sight.
  5. Dust walls and cabinets. Lint in laundry rooms can wreak havoc on walls. You can take care of this unsightly lint build-up with a long-handled duster or mop.
  6. Clean appliance surfaces. Wipe the outsides of your washer and dryer with a mild, diluted spray cleaner and a rag or sponge.
  7. Scrub counter tops and wipe out the laundry sink, if necessary. Laundry sinks often end up getting the messiest jobs, like rinsing paint brushes and muddy shoes or serving as doggie baths. So don’t worry if it doesn’t look like it did in the store. Just clean the worst of it and move on.
  8. Clean your dryer vent once a year. While blockages aren’t visible, they pose fire hazards and reduce dryer efficiency. A clogged vent could also contribute to dust in your home, which may trigger allergies. To keep a handle on dryer lint and maximize appliance performance, clean the lint trap after every load.
  9. Sweep and mop or vacuum the floor. Also, shake out area rugs and mats.
  10. Run an empty load with vinegar to keep your machine clean. The acid will help dissolve minerals.

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