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12 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom in 2012

Chances are, your busy schedule won’t allow for a top-to-bottom cleaning of your entire home, you can probably find a few minutes here or there to tackle one area of your house at a time.

In an effort to help, the experts at My Cleaning Lady would like to share some tips for helping you tackle the job one area at a time. This week, we’ll focus on the area of your home that is imperative to keep clean and organized.

How to Organize Your Bathroom:

  1. Countertop Clutter—Purchase a plastic tub with a handle. Place your accessories (including necessities like hair spray and hand lotion) in the tub and stash it all under the bathroom counter. Take the tub out when you are ready to use it and put it back under the counter as soon as you are finished with it.
  2. Bathtub/Shower— Place soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner in shower caddies. Different types of organizers are available at discount and department stores— including those that hang from the shower head pipe and others that have shelves.
  3. Shower Doors—buy an inexpensive squeegee and stow it in the shower. When you are done showering, wipe down the doors with the squeegee for a shower door that glistens. In between uses, use a chamois to clear away bubbles and water and prevent the growth of soap scum. Hang the squeegee inside the shower.
  4. Medicine Cabinetinstall a magnetic strip in your cabinet and hang tweezers, nail clippers and scissors from it.
  5. Medications—throw away expired or unused makeup, lotions, dull razors, sunscreen and perfume. Don’t toss old medications (including prescriptions). Instead, deliver to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.
  6. Reading Material—store in a decorative rack. As you add new magazines, recycle or give away old issues to keep the rack from overflowing.
  7. Towels—if storage space is limited, roll towels and display them in a decorative basket.
  8. Robes—Hang hooks on the wall or the back of your bathroom door for towels and robes.
  9. Makeup—use drawer organizers for makeup, jewelry, ponytail holders and other loose items. Consider using egg cartons or divided storage containers available at discount stores.
  10. Additional Storage—place shelves or etageres above the toilet for extra towels, washcloths and other accessories.
  11. Cleaning Supplies—keep sponges, cleanser and paper towels under your counter for easy cleanup in a hurry.
  12. Call My Cleaning Lady–We can take care of your bathroom as well as the rest of your house for a complete clean.

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