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How to Clean Your Bathroom The Right Way

For people who like things to be clean and germ-free, the bathroom is often a concern. After all, it is the place your whole family goes to in order to get cleaner—so it needs to sparkle.

The sink is a hot bed of germs. Consider the fact you touch the water handles before you lather with soap. So you can transfer bacteria from your hands to the faucet. Thoroughly cleaning the sink can reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Hints to Help You Clean Your Bathroom—

  • Use white vinegar directly on faucet handles to restore shine to chrome and remove germs.
  • Reach for the baking soda to clean countertop grout.
  • Spray vinegar and water cleaner behind the faucet and let it soak in. This area is a mix of standing water, dirt, and soap scum, which makes it an ideal habitat for germs. Cleaners need a certain “soak time” to work properly. So let the vinegar do its work!
  • While cleaning, you can also do some drain maintenance by pouring very warm water in the drain or adding vinegar to baking soda to produce a foaming reaction which will clean pipes.

The toilet is another area where germs collect:

  • Clean the top and bottom of the toilet lid with a disinfecting agent.
  • It’s especially important to thoroughly clean the floor in a three-foot radius around the toilet. Families with small children know that the “aim” of little ones is not always perfect, so accidents will happen. Neglecting this area can lead to subtle staining over time.
  • You can clean your own toilet bowl  with one cup of bleach mixed with lemon juice. Simply work it into a very thick paste. Flush the toilet and scrub the paste inside the bowl. Let it sit for a few hours for a sparkling bowl without toxic fumes.
  • Rust stains on older toilets might require steel wool or fine sandpaper for removal. Elbow grease is more effective than chemical cleaners.

Showers and Tubs:

  • Water spots on glass showers can be eliminated through judicious use of a squeegee. Start at the top of the glass and move water to the center for a streak-free shine.
  • Mildew loves a warm and wet environment. So your shower is the perfect spot for it to thrive. Simply drying the shower walls with a towel after each shower can greatly reduce mildew.
  • If mildew stains are already present, you can use a toothbrush dipped in water and bleach solution to scrub away even the most deeply-embedded stains. Make sure you rinse the shower thoroughly with cold water before taking your evening bath.
  • You also want to wipe down your shower curtain to remove slimy residue.
  • Older porcelain tubs must be cleaned with non-abrasive products in order to retain unbeatable shine.

If scrubbing the toilet, squeegee-ing the shower and wiping the sink take up too much of your limited time, you may need some expert assistance. The staff at My Cleaning Lady knows how to get every bit of mildew, toilet bowl ring, and hard water stains from every bathroom surface.

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