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Extend the Life of Your Carpets by Taking Good Care of Them Every Day

Carpeting is a substantial investment in your home. So it is worthwhile to spend a little time taking care of it, to prolong its life. In order to keep it looking fresh and delay costly replacement, it’s important to learn how to properly care for your carpets:

Establish some carpet-friendly rules for family and guests:

  • Ask guests to remove their shoes and place them by the front door. Socks don’t leave muddy footprints. But boots covered in mud will. Invest in bins or a nice hall tree so shoes won’t end up in a heap. (An EPA study found that shoe removal results in less pesticides and toxins entering the home!)
  • Establish certain areas in the home for snacking. This is especially important for homes with small children who won’t exactly alert you when they spill mustard.

Preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt is vital to keeping your carpet remaining fresh:

  • Sweep outside your entryway. Most people have a set path from the car to the front door. Keeping this area tidy will reduce the amount of debris entering your home and ending up on your carpet.
  • Use entry mats to encourage your family and visitors to wipe their feet on arrival.
  • Inside the home, use area rugs in the entryway and at other access points to your home. These rugs will trap dirt.
  • Have fun rearranging your furniture to prevent wear-spots and depressions in your carpet.
  • Remove your central air and heating air filter frequently in order to draw more dust into the filter instead of into the air and onto the carpet.

Vacuuming and spot cleaning your carpets are two simple ways to protect your investment. A quality vacuum will also help lift up the carpet fibers, so they won’t flatten.

Tips on cleaning your carpets properly:

  • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner that has two motors—one for the suction of dirt and another that spins the agitators to gently loosen dirt from the carpet fibers.
  •  Higher-end vacuum cleaners will do a good job filtering dirt so the exhaust air comes out cleaner.
  • Vacuum on a regular basis.
  • Consider using baking soda to refresh carpets and remove odors.
  • Clean up spills quickly with spot cleaners and gentle scrubbing. You should conquer spills while they are moist! Dried ketchup or cranberry juice can be nightmares.
  • Stairway carpets hold a lot of wear. So it’s doubly important to vacuum them regularly so they retain a “fluffy” appearance.

Through proper care and management of dirty feet in, your carpet can look brand new for years to come!

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