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Listen to Short Podcasts for Innovative Housecleaning Tips

Want to clean your home on the quick? Check out to hear three informative one-minute podcasts that give you plenty of insider tips for cleaning house.

The first podcast covers window cleaning. Would you rather read than listen? Check out the podcast’s main points:

  • Cleaning crews do not typically use a bottle of blue glass cleaner.
  • Instead, they rely on a soft brush and a dish-soap covered squeegee to clean the windows.
  • A squeegee is the key to a streak-free shine. That’s why so many people use them to wipe water off shower doors!
  • For exterior windows, professionals use a brush to loosen dirt, which can scratch the glass if pressure is applied.
  • Newspapers are also used by cleaning crews to effectively wipe the windows. The ink won’t run. In fact, it’s the ink that makes newspapers a perfect window-cleaning tool. What’s more— newspapers are an inexpensive and portable tool.

Everyone wants to get in on the green movement. And My Cleaning Lady is on board. Our podcast about earth-friendly products offers great tips for finding and using products that effectively clean but don’t pose health risks to you or nature! Our podcast covers some key issues:

  • Don’t spend lots of money buying the latest green products that might not be too earth-friendly. You likely already have the right components in your home.
  • With today’s delicate surfaces, homeowners are hyper-aware of scratches and “swirl marks!” Mix baking soda and water to create a mild abrasive cleaner that strips away grime without scratching.
  • Baking soda is very inexpensive and also has other household uses such as removing odors and freshening drains. Some people even use it to brush their teeth!

Our third podcast continues the “green theme,” with tips for cleaning your home while keeping the environment in mind. A clean home does not need to smell like a chemical factory in order to effectively kill germs! You just need the right tools and techniques to get the job done.

  • Pick natural products and foods that can be used as effective cleaners.
  • The lemon is wonderful in a tall glass of iced tea as well as a cleaning aid. Lemon, salt, and ice together are not just for margaritas, but can also be used to remove hard water stains. Also, persistent coffee stains that don’t come off with abrasive chemicals will sparkle with the power of lemon and a little bit of elbow grease.
  • Loading a lot of greasy dishes into your dishwasher? Add a dash of lemon juice on the rinse cycle to effectively cut grease.
  • Expecting guests? Use a lemon on multiple surfaces to leave a fresh citrusy smell. You can even mash up a slice in your garbage disposal to remove leftover sludge and odors.
  • Glassware loves lemons, as it can make them sparkly clean without streaks. It’s a natural disinfectant. So you can host a birthday party for a bunch of kids and won’t even have to resort to paper cups!

For more great podcasts, check our site at We enjoy sharing our insider tips to help you keep your home fresh between professional cleanings. Thanks for listening!

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