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How to Clean Your Home—Tips from the Professionals at My Cleaning Lady

There are few things the average homeowner enjoys less than housecleaning. It’s a messy chore which requires substantial time and effort. However, proper cleaning can be easier if you take a few basic steps.

General tips:

  • If you’re pressed for time, break up housecleaning chores into different sections. For instance, you might wipe the shutters and baseboards one day, and then focus on counter ortops and bathrooms the next. If you set up this type of system, you can clean your entire home in a week without having to invest hours at a time in the process.
  • Set up a timetable and stick to it. If you make housekeeping part of a weekly routine, you’re more likely to get everything done.
  • Clear clutter before you clean. For many people, the act of “cleaning up to clean” takes more time than may actual mopping, vacuuming or scrubbing. Removing clutter will help make the task easier.
  • Organize cleaning supplies. A large plastic bin is ideal for holding spray bottles, rags, and buckets. If you have small children, consider a child-proof or lockable container.

Two areas of the typical home which routinely require deep cleaning are kitchen countertops and floors. Both are high-traffic areas which present certain challenges. Countertops often harbor germs that result from use and food spills. To keep a lid on germs in these areas:

  • Wash counters with soap and hot water, letting the solution sit for a little while in order to loosen grime.
  • Rinse counters in order to wash away as much debris as possible.
  • Disinfect countertops with a bleach solution. Studies often show that kitchen areas carry more germs than bathrooms and need to be disinfected often.
  • Make sure you dry counters thoroughly to complete the disinfection process.

Floors take considerable abuse and need special attention to remove dirt and grime that fall off shoes and feet:

  • Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Scratchy dirt is the bane of all flooring surfaces. Frequent vacuuming with the right attachment will greatly improve your floor’s appearance and extend the life of your floor coverings.
  • For ceramic tile floors, avoid abrasive cleaners which might scrape the glaze.
  • Marble floors should be sealed before cleaning.  Use either water alone or water mixed with liquid fabric softener to clean marble floors.
  • For wood floors, pay special attention to the way the floor was sealed. And only use complementary cleaning methods. For example, only use water on floors that have been treated with polyurethane, as harsh chemicals can actually strip the sealer.

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