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SGV House Cleaning Services

One-Time or Emergency House Cleaning

One-Time or Emergency House Cleaning

One-time cleanings include move-ins and move-outs, spring-cleaning, service prior to a big event and other non-recurring services.

All one-time services can be estimated. If additional time is needed, a My Cleaning Lady representative will attempt to contact you or the domestic referral will talk with you directly.

If you authorize additional time, the service provider will continue to clean and your price will be adjusted accordingly.

We will not use additional time without your prior approval.

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Recurring or Scheduled House Cleaning

Recurring or Scheduled House Cleaning

Most people choose to have their home cleaned on a regular recurring basis. There are three reasons to schedule your house cleaning this way:

  • You don’t have to clean your house anymore!
  • You are assured that the same person or team will clean your home on a recurring basis.
  • Typically a regular service will be less expensive than a one-time service.

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"Excellent cleaning! They sent Erica, who arrived on time and cleaned like crazy for 5 hours. My house really needed it. It looks new! She was very nice and professional. She even scrubbed the doors and door jambs, and my indoor trash and recycling containers. I could not have done it this well. I will use them again."

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